Eagles shut down Mike Patterson

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Eagles doctors discovered an arteriovenous malformation (AVM) in defensive tackle Mike Patterson’s skull following last year’s lockout. A brain AVM is a tangle of blood vessels in the head. Doctors ultimately cleared Patterson to play football in 2011, putting off treatment until after the season.

Patterson underwent surgery in January, and the Eagles were convinced he’d be healed by training camp, after six months of rehab. Head trainer Rick Burkholder revealed to reporters Sunday evening, however, that Patterson is not recovered and will not participate in training camp.

As relayed by Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Patterson has been placed on the non-football injury list with “no timetable for return.” Burkholder stated Sunday that the organization believed Patterson would be healed by now, “but he’s not,” and “it could be a couple months” before he’s ready to play football.

If Patterson fails to receive medical clearance before Week One, the Eagles could place him on reserve/NFI, costing Patterson the first six regular season games. They could reevaluate his recovery after that point. For now, it looks like Patterson won’t be ready for the start of the season.

Patterson has been a starter for the Eagles since his rookie season in 2005. In 15 games last year, he collected 35 tackles and 2.5 sacks. Philadelphia will likely ask more of first-round pick Fletcher Cox during Patterson’s absence.

Either way, for a team we like to bounce back in 2012, this was not an ideal start to camp.

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  1. I do wonder if he will play at all. This from what I remember is the first time an athlete has tried to play after this condition was discovered.

    On the other hand Fletcher Cox is more the type of DT they want for this system (Smaller, Quicker, Pass rushing) and I wonder how much he would have been involved.

  2. Funny how all the “experts” forget to mention that they lost their starting left tackle. Vick can’t stay healthy as it is. Same lovefest every year and still no Super Bowl.

  3. I’m an MD and about the only times I’ve seen an AV fistula diagnosed is AFTER a devastating STROKE! Paralysis, drooling, serious speech problems.
    GOD BLESS YOU Mike Patterson!!!! I am so happy that you avoided this. Whether you ever play again or not is such a trivial thing.

  4. Completely expected. Nobody with any bit of common sense expected him to participate in camp. He’s going to be fine, he’s going to play. Superfan…what on Earth makes you think he wont play again? He played all season last year WITH the AVM, and played well! He’s not playing with the “condition”, he’s recovering from surgery. The AVM was removed and has no effect on him anymore, its all surgery recovery. Your comment is a year late.

  5. Seriously? Mike Patterson missing even the complete season affects the Eagles very little. They are loaded on the DL and in all honesty I think Cox would of beat him out at some point anyways. Of all the starters on the Eagles offense or defense Patterson is the player that would least affect the Eagles. I do wish him the best though…

  6. Wow that’s a shame, the Iggles could really use him. Not nearly as important as his life.

  7. They should put him on IR pay him for the year and convince him to retire. His life is more important.

  8. Wow, you certainly have to wish him a full and complete recovery. I hope he is healthy enough to continue his career.

    I hope the Eagles continue to keep him at full pay.

  9. Wait what. Why all the doom and gloom. He came back and played last year BEFORE he got it fixed. I’m assuming it was a successful surgery otherwise I can see how this could be career threatening

  10. This Giants fan hopes Mr. Patterson makes a speedy and full recovery. Hope you’re on the field for that Week 17 matchup sir.

  11. I sure as heck wouldn’t want to bang my head around in a football game after something like that. I don’t know why these guys don’t instantly retire with these kind of things.

  12. they don’t retire because it isn’t career or life threatening. I was at a conference where they present his case study, he was looked at by 4 separate doctors and all cleared him.

  13. As a fan of the GIANTS, you never want to see anybody get hurt from any team remember it’s only a game. Just glad to hear that it was caught in time.

  14. For all those saying that this doesn’t matter because Fletcher Cox have just taken his place – not quite. Patterson plays the NT position in the Eagles defense, Cox will play at UT. Cox was never competing directly with Patterson. Derek Landri or Antonio Dixon will likely start in Patterson’s place.

  15. “Either way, for a team we like to bounce back in 2012, this was not an ideal start to camp.”

    —Best wishes to him, but I don’t think it’s a huge loss given our depth.

  16. there are far more important things than football .like the rest of your life . get well soon .then walk away from the game no matter how hard it may be . i dont want to see you on the field opening day in Cleveland .

    Goooo Browns

    Get well Mike

  17. I had an AVM removed and 6 months recovery time was fine. The only problem that he might have now is possibility of siezures or like my case loss is perifreal vision loss on my right side. I feel fine but i deffintly couldn,t see a tackle coming from the right. The vision loss or siezure never get better, it’s just something you gave to live with and just be lucky to be alive still.

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