Joe Flacco: I’m not worried about contract

Getty Images

The talks between the Ravens and quarterback Joe Flacco about a new contract have generated a lot of attention around the football world.

According to Flacco, he is not one of the people spending a lot of time thinking about it. During an event for the Special Olympics on Saturday, Flacco said that he is keeping his focus while letting agent Joe Linta take care of the contract negotiations and he reiterated Linta’s comments from earlier this week that there’s no ticking clock on the discussions.

“I’m not worried about it,” Flacco said, via Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times. “I told Joe don’t even call me. I’m not worried about it. Unless you have some kind of crazy news, then don’t concern me with it. I’m going to go out there, I’m going to play, I’m going to practice. There really is no time table. If it happens, it happens. I see myself being here for many years, no matter what happens.”

There were reports that an extension was likely before the start of camp, something that seems a bit less likely with the Ravens reporting on Tuesday. The motivation on both sides, along with the way the Ravens have taken care of their two other big offseason priorities — running back Ray Rice and cornerback Lardarius Webb — on the contract front, makes you think that there will be an extension at some point this year.