Lions’ Aaron Berry arrested on three counts of simple assault

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Lions cornerback Aaron Berry has been arrested on three counts of simple assault, his second arrest this year and the Lions’ seventh arrest this year.

We noted on Saturday night that a league source confirmed there was some truth to rumors of Berry being in legal trouble, and on Sunday morning the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Police Department confirmed to Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press that Berry was arrested.

The police told Birkett that there was a firearm involved in the incident. Although few details have been provided yet, the charges Berry faces seem to match what was posted on a Dolphins fans’ message board, describing an incident involving three victims who had a gun pointed at them by Berry.

Berry, who was also arrested in Harrisburg in June, that time for drunk driving, is likely facing a suspension from the NFL after his second arrest of the offseason. Berry is projected as a starting cornerback in the Lions’ defense.

The other Lions arrested this year have been Nick Fairley (once for drunk driving and once for marijuana possession), Mikel Leshoure (twice for marijuana possession) and Johnny Culbreath (once for marijuana possession).

42 responses to “Lions’ Aaron Berry arrested on three counts of simple assault

  1. At some point the team has to start being held accountable for the losers it employs. Take away the Lions entire draft next season.

  2. What do the Detroit Lions do after their first winning season in a long time???? Follow it up with a loser off season. Lions fans have to embarrassed by these arrests.

  3. well Lions fans, at least its not a bounty system. Youll still finish ahead of the Bears this season.

  4. Nice knowing you! Hopefully your next team won’t care for all the bags you’re bringing.

  5. Mr. Goodell…

    Please send this whole group of retarded losers across the river to the Canadian Football League. We fans of the NFC North are sick of their juvenile behavior.

    The Detroit Lions are an Arena League caliber team and have lost any credibility for membership in the NFL.

  6. It’s time from Berry to go, with distractions, suspensions and not able to get his act together, boot him now and move on. We need players who “get it”

  7. I understand these football players stick out and are easily profiled for drunk driving in the areas that they are arrested in but what are NBA players doing differently so that they’re not arrested with the same frequency? Maybe the NBA needs to give a seminar. lol

  8. Are the Lions a football organization or a criminal organization,its getting hard to tell and its still the off season with a whole season to go for on field transgressions that will lead to losses,it was better to get bad press going 0-16 than the bad press Lion players are getting the team right now.the coach should be happy though,they are his kind of players after all,they dont take handshakes well either,especially from prosecutors.

  9. Ouch, that is really going to hurt an already horrendous secondary.

    NFLPA better open the communications and see if they can’t get another mid-July mini-camp into the CBA. This is absurd!

  10. The Lions had a chance to become America’s sweetheart team this year. They blew it bad. Everybody loves the comeback stories. Everybody loves the underdogs coming back to win. That’s what the Lions were. They were the perennial losers who finally turned things around. And who doesn’t love that? Unfortunately they blew it big time. Fans can forgive some dirty play and pass it off as aggressive. What they won’t forgive is all the dumbassery that has been the Lions off season. It just shows the fans of the NFL that these guys don’t really appreciate what they have. The worst part about it is that it’s not even the main guys doing it. It’s not Stafford and Megatron out getting arrested. Outside of Suh’s speeding, it’s guys that have little impact in building the new Lions that are tearing it all down. But as far as Berry is concerned, maybe he could have been decent this year, but if your decision making skills is so bad that you can’t stop yourself from pulling a gun on someone after already being arrested once in the last month, during the off season before what would have been the absolute most important season of your career, well then even if they decide to give him a third chance, it’s only a matter of time before he makes another bad decision (whether it be legal or not) and implodes.

  11. I have been a long time Lion fan and was DELIGHTED at last year. I am dismayed at the laughingstock we are becoming due to a few IMMATURE idiots. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!! Get rid of the idiots! I’d rather support a loser with values!

  12. As much as I like the way the Lions play the game, it’s time for the team not Goodell to so some responsibility and suspend this guy for at least 8 games. This will show Lion players, fans and the League that this type of behavior will no longer be tolerated!

  13. This is really really out of control, these are PRO athletes that are not grateful for being in the NFL even went to college and can’t spell kat ,oops, cat.

  14. metropolitan1961stadium says: Jul 22, 2012 8:56 AM

    Mr. Goodell…

    Please send this whole group of retarded losers across the river to the Canadian Football League. We fans of the NFC North are sick of their juvenile behavior.

    The Detroit Lions are an Arena League caliber team and have lost any credibility for membership in the NFL.

    Do the names Sam Hurd and Johnny Jolly ring a bell to you?

    Either way, the Lions have to cut this guy, this is getting ridiculous.

  15. Pointing a gun at someone crosses a line way beyond DUI, marijuana, & speeding. It’s not just flexing a muscle to show you can kick anyone’s butt in the room. It’s a threat to immediately end someone’s life. A lot of people legally carry concealed weapons and any one of them could have taken Berry out in defense of the 3. If I’m running the Lions, I’d release him as soon as I confirmed the facts.

  16. I would be more disappointed if he dropped an easy interception. Why do people care so much about what players are doing off the field? Can we start talking about on-field issues please? It’s like reading celebrity gossip for football players.

    If the Lions win a Superbowl and it’s revealed that half the Lions roster are criminals, I could care less, the Lions still won a Superbowl!

  17. Berry, a private citizen who has a contract with an NFL team, pointed an unlicensed weapon at other citizens. He has been arrested and will be undergo due process like any other citizen.

    Berry does not “belong” to the Lions. Stop reporting it like that. It is the offseason and he is acting on his own.

  18. As a Lions fan I don’t care, I’m not embarrassed and I think it’s really funny to read all of your hateful comments.
    The only thing that is going to matter once the season starts is how badly we’re thrashing your team up and down the field.

  19. I’m a huge Lions fan and these off the field antics are extremely embarrassing. Something needs to be done because this is over shadowing a successful season. Cut Berry and make an example of him. He’s projected to be the starting corner so I think it will carry more weight if he is cut over Johnny Culbreath.

    I have given thought as to why NFL players get into more trouble over other sports. There are more players in the NFL than any other sport, 53 to be exact which equals more players to get in trouble. Couple that with a long off season and there you have it.

    I’m not condoning his actions, I’m simply trying to throw logic and some sense of reason on a bad situation. I hope the Lions organization will do the right thing and cut AaronBerry.

  20. “I’d rather support a loser with values!”


    You are welcome to become a Jaguars fan 🙂

  21. How are the Lions going to thrash any team up and down the field? They aren’t going to have enough players to field a team.

  22. most of you seem to be forgetting that these four players contributed very little to the lions last year…with two of them contributing nothing. berry is garbage and was undrafted for a reason. I have no problem with you hating my team and I agree berry should be cut…but what of the 49…more specifically 86 players that have not gotten into any trouble?
    also…let’s get off the coach…he did what he did but these are ADULTS at the end of the day. You people decry them for acting like kids…then you talk about the example of the head coach? What adult is supposed to look to another adult for an example? if you don’t know right from wrong at this point…its your fault ALONE…NOT ANOTHER MAN’S FAULT.

  23. n’t going to have enough players to field a team.

    dannythebisforbeast July 23, 2012, 2:07 AM AST (Arabian)

    They might have to have offsetting suspensions so they have enough players for the first four weeks
    Four players does not a roster make. Use your brain before following what everyone else is doing. I know it’s “cool” and the “in” thing…but stupid is as stupid does.

  24. 69finfan says: Jul 22, 2012 6:30 PM

    How are the Lions going to thrash any team up and down the field? They aren’t going to have enough players to field a team.

    Yea, cuz if we boot these 3 players that would be devastating to our offense. LMAO. 2 defensive players and a kid that never played a snap. Just devastating

  25. So many charges for weed … Fellas its Michigan go get your med card .. Its not difficult in this state to get okenand make sure you’re legal …. Atleast to cover your ass for possession of a little bud… This country Is to damn republican I swear

  26. Also did I read a lion fan say I’d rather support a value loser then a ” bad ” winner. You act as if football players are people you would want your sister dating … Go away clown

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