Ravens rank fifth in PFT preseason power rankings


Last year the Baltimore Ravens made it to the NFL’s Final Four, and they were a dropped pass away from the Super Bowl. But this year the Ravens have seen Terrell Suggs, perhaps their best all-around player, suffer a torn Achilles tendon. So does that mean the Ravens fall out of the Top Four?

Yes, but not by very far.

In our preseason power poll, we’ve put the Ravens in fifth place. Losing Suggs for some or all of the season will hurt, but there’s still a lot to like about the Ravens, and we still view them as the team to beat in the AFC North.

Now PFT Planet can tell us: Did we rank the Ravens too high, too low or just right?

22 responses to “Ravens rank fifth in PFT preseason power rankings

  1. Way too high of a ranking for this team. They will struggle in their own division this year. Maybe a wildcard, but I won’t be surprised if they miss the playoffs.

  2. No way. Team let a lot of good players that were also good locker room guys go. This team is on the decline. Too old and their coach is a clown. How a team can be that old with that little of cap space dispells the myth of “the wizard”. Run is over crowes.

  3. Keep on hating, haters. When the Ravens are representing the AFCN in the playoffs, what will you say then…

  4. Any of the haters want to give me an actual reason WHY they’re overhyped or overrated? Suggs is out for a while but the strength of this D is our backfield. Kruger easily replaces a 2 down JJ, and the o line only lost Grubbs. Flacco was one of the least sacked QBs last year. We upgraded or Wr’s. locked up Webb and Rice long term. So why is the team who was a dropped TD away from the super bowl so “overrated”?

  5. 8-0 at home last year, 6-0 in the division. Wouldn’t be surprised if it happened again. Ravens win AFCN, Bengals get wildcard. Steelers barely miss playoffs.

  6. They’re overrated cuz they’re a year older, still don’t have a left tackle, suggs is gone, lewis was slowing down last year, no upgrade ( Jones doesn’t count as an upgrade) to WR corps and their head coach is the equivalent of Barry Switzer in that he rides his team leaders coat tails.

  7. I think this is low. They should have been around 3rd or 4th.This is a team that went 6_0 in a tough division and beat a Good houston team in the playoffs _ thanks to their dfefense. They almost went to the SB. I’m a Bengals fan and I think they are the team to beat right now in the AfcN…..Peace!

  8. Life long Steeler Fan….I hate to say it, but we looked terrible last year and we appear to be getting old. I think we will beat out the Browns for 3rd in the division. Ravens bengals STEELERS browns. I hope I’m wrong!

  9. A team with a 44-18 record, 2 AFCG appearances, and 2 divisional appearances in the last 4 years is hardly overrated. There a more than a few fans of other teams that would give up their children for a playoff run like that. The Ravens, Love them or hate them are a very good team who deserve to be rated as High as #5. It is understandable that there is a hatred for them, The Good teams are always being bashed i.e. The Steelers. Hate them if you wish, Its your right. But please do not under estimate the truth. The Ravens are a Very Good team who, although may have lost a few key players, Have done well in filling their voids and will perform well this year.

  10. Just right in this ranking. They swept their entire division last year. 1 drop from the championship.

    Elite front office. Great RB. Solid QB.

  11. #5,….Are you joking ???

    No Suggs and Suggs’ backup is out, Ray Lewis is 37, Ed Reed is 34.

    They barely beat the Texans (who had a third string rookie QB) in the first round playoffs, the Texans O-line manhandled the Ravens defense and Arian Foster chewed them up. And of course, laces out Cundiff the following week.

    They had a better than average season in 2011, but they are incapable of sustaining it.

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