Report: Broncos offer Clady $50 million extension

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Mike Klis of the Denver Post reports that the Denver Broncos have made left tackle Ryan Clady a five-year, $50 million contract offer that would include $28 million guaranteed. As noted by Klis, the $10 million average annual value would put Clady with the NFL’s top-five highest-paid left tackles.

Clady, who is in the final year of his rookie contract, is owed $3.5 million in 2012.

Per Klis, however, the offer isn’t viewed as strong enough by Clady’s camp. Agent Pat Dye reportedly wants a deal worth more than that of Cleveland’s Joe Thomas. Thomas signed an eight-year, $92 million deal last August and is the NFL’s richest left tackle.

Clady isn’t as good as Thomas — and it isn’t even close. So the fact that Clady wants more money than a player he’s inferior to suggests no deal is imminent, barring a surprise increase in the Broncos’ already reasonable offer or decrease in Clady’s unreasonable contract demands.

17 responses to “Report: Broncos offer Clady $50 million extension

  1. I agree! He’s a good player but not the #1 tackle. He should take the contract and not play these games. If the Bronocs offer wasn’t reasonable, I could understand him being upset.

  2. Uh-oh $50 million isn’t enough, and you’re right he’s not as good as Joe Thomas. Sounds like a holdout is coming.

  3. You write like you’re on Pat Bowlen’s staff.
    Clady is every bit Joe Thomas’ equal when he’s blocking for a conventional QB. Thomas would of been lost trying to block for happy feet Tebow.
    Pay the man! He’s protecting Peyton’s blind side.

  4. Broncos need him more than ever to protect blind side of their fragile QB. In a league of leverages, he has big leverage and is negotiating smart.

  5. 50 million is good for tackle he need to take it and be happy because know other team may not offer him that these guys don’t know money when they see it.

  6. Why is he getting that kind of extension in the first place? I mean, he hasn’t been all that great since the Broncos moved away from the zone blocking he had his first couple years. Are they back to zone blocking again with Peyton there? I’m not so sure. Help me out people.

  7. good tackle, probowl worthy too. but deserving to be highest paid linen in the game? absolutely not. i say plays out the year on current deal and if he outplays 5 years/$50000000 then he gets more. if not, they let him go in free agency and draft Barrett Jones of Alabama.

  8. Clady is a good LT, one of the better guys in the league for sure. But if he wants more than Joe Thomas’ deal, which would approach or exceed $100 million…umm, no.

    You dont pay an offensive lineman franchise QB money, plain and simple. I would love to see Denver keep Clady but for a contract comparable or more than Joe Thomas? See ya later. They could use that money and spread it out over other areas of need IMO

  9. Tamba repeatedly tears him up….as a chiefs fan , he does not bother me nearly as much as Von Miller

  10. I actually thought Clady should have won the offensive rookie of the year when Cutler had like 550 pass attempts and Clady only allowed 0.5 sacks… but after his injury, he’s lost a step compared to his rookie year (not a huge step tho). I think that’s a great deal for him, and obviously, Peyton will make him look better then Joe Thomas….

  11. Please hold out Clady…please. Would love to see defensive ends and linebackers feasting on that traitor Megahead.

  12. “Clady isn’t as good as Thomas — and it isn’t even close.”

    And that says it all. And 28 million guaranteed isn’t chump change. Take it, Clady. You aren’t going to get anything better. Nor should you.

  13. He doesn’t have to be the best tackle in the league. He just has to be the best tackle that’s available in the league.

    If the Browns don’t want to pay him more, then he can wait until free agency and then have multiple bidders.

    But he also risks the franchise tag by doing that.

    But if I play a position where 300 pounders frequently roll up on the back of my knee, I’m taking the longer deal.

    And honestly, if this guy is passing up a chance to block for one of the best quarterbacks in the game, where they really have a great shot at one of the top 2 spots in the AFC due to a very weak division… you’d have to be really dumb to sit that opportunity out. A bye week in the first round, and then forcing someone to come to your Mile-High home field advantage for the divisional round and possibly the AFC Championship?

    But with all that said, a holdout is definitely coming unless the Broncos up their offer. And I have to believe they will want to hang on to one of their good guys with all the off-field idiots ruining the atmosphere about the team right now.

  14. Clady is an idiot not to take that. The Bronco’s will franchise him the next 2 yrs for about 21 mil total. So if he STAYS HEALTHY and PLAYS GREAT for THE NEXT THREE YEARS, then he can test FA. Go ahead Clady. Be a dumb A$$ & play this yr for 3.5 mil, next yr for the tag of 9.5 mil, then the tag again for 11.5 mil, and then you can test FA in FREAKIN 2015! What a tool!!!

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