Rex Ryan was mad at himself for allowing a rift in the locker room


Jets coach Rex Ryan says he’s a changed man, not only because he’s dropped 100 pounds but because he says he has put a renewed emphasis on building a team that works well together, which he now knows he didn’t do well enough before last year’s late-season meltdown.

“I’m sitting there, talking in front of the team, selling, ‘Team, team, team,’ like I always am, and I did not know we had a rift in our team. How was I not aware of it?” Ryan told Jenny Vrentas of the Star-Ledger. “I was mad. I was upset. I was mad at myself, because you’re either coaching it or allowing it to happen, and I’m not going to do either.”

Ryan now says he has engaged in more open communications with his players to try to get to the root of the problems in the Jets’ locker room last year and ensure that it doesn’t happen again this year. And he’s also communicating with someone he refers to as “my little sensei,” using the Japanese word for a teacher.

So who is this “sensei”? That’s something Ryan won’t answer.

“After we have the season that we’re going to have,” Ryan said, “I’ll mention his name.”

Ryan appears to be confident about the season the Jets are going to have, just as he is every season. But this year he isn’t planning to guarantee a Super Bowl, one sign that Ryan may be maturing as a coach, just as he wants his locker room to mature.

29 responses to “Rex Ryan was mad at himself for allowing a rift in the locker room

  1. This is NONSENSE, what do you mean he “didn’t know” about the cancerous talk in the locker room? All he had to do was read the “New York Times” !!! First thing he needs to do if he’s serious is “beeyatch slap” Santonio Holmes and set an example. “C’mon Man !!”

    whoever is removing postings is a PUNK !!!

  2. Good lord that’s one of the most hilarious and appropriate image selections you guys have made to accompany the story.

  3. Gotta say at least the Jets aren’t boring, don’t know how good they’ll be, we’ll see.

  4. I was happy he allowed a rift. But I want him to remain the coach, that way the Jets are much easier to beat.

  5. “I don’t even know what a game-face looks like.” Haha! Bobby Knight would love this picture.

  6. Even the most cursory observation should have brought CAPTAIN Santonio’s behavior to the attention of a head coach! Rex was so busy paying attention to HIMSELF that he provided no structure, boundaries or leadership to the Jets. I wonder if he has even called SH into his office and put him on notice. Good Lord, did he not have ANY discourse with The Steelers, or did he not wonder why they couldn’t get rid of their SB MVP fast enough? He SHOULD be mad at himself!!

  7. “After we have the season we’re gonna have…” Okay, he didn’t make any proclamations, but inside, I still don’t believe he gets it. The only thing that should be on his mind as far as the upcoming season goes is the first game. Rex doesn’t seem capable of learning that the games actually have to be played, and wanting or expecting to do well doesn’t have anything to do with actually doing well. Downgrading my expectations = I smell a 6-10 season and a coaching change.

  8. lrjets says:
    Jul 22, 2012 4:44 PM
    Doesn’t take much for the Jets haters to emerge.

    Yup……. and everytime someone from the jets runs their mouth it gets easier to laugh at this joke of a franchise – LOT OF TALK – not too much hardware from the gmen’s stepchild – hahahaha….

  9. Somewhere, bill belichick is giggling to himself, knowing that the afc east is his for years to come. Even post-Brady. At least one new York team has it right.

  10. I hope they have the number one rushing attack in league history with Tebow at quarterback. I also hope they lose every game.

  11. Mangini, despite his faults, put together a good team for Rex.

    Now, it is at the point where there is alot more involved to being a head coach than just coaching a good D.

    Patriot and Bill fans have been looking forward to this after big mouth’s big claims.

    I got me one of those gallon size jugs of Orville’s popping corn last week. Let the games begin!

  12. I have a little sensei too, but I’d say the word means “Master” as much as it does “teacher…” and I bet my sensei is bigger than Rex’s.

  13. Everyone likes to take shots at Schwartz, at least he has a little fire under his butt. The only thing Ryan has under him is a bingo dot in his undies.

  14. Rex is talking to his “little sensei”about the team. Wonder if he dreams of sweeping the legs? Oh, they do that on the sideline!

  15. Get ready for Tebow time Rex and we will see how your big talk works. Bringing in a player who invites controversy is not the best way to build a team mentality especially in a hyper media market.

  16. I love me some Rex Ryan; love him or hate him he’s great for this stale NFL Goodell is trying to build.

  17. I still dont understand all the hate people have towards Rex. You would think as a fan of the NFL you would want your coach to go out and say your team is good and is going to win. I mean 3 years as HC and 4 playoff wins is pretty damn good – means he is a good football coach.

    1 bad year for the Jets and everyone is doubting them. Everyone thinks they know so much but really dont know anything. I as a Jets fan love all the hate because it means the team is always on others minds. Keep doubting and we will continue to get better as a team.

    You have other coaches who have done less and complain about hand shakes.

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