Aaron Berry issues statement, apologizes to Lions


Cornerback Aaron Berry did what many thought to be impossible Monday — he screwed up badly enough to be cut by the Lions.

Berry was arrested over the weekend on three counts of assault, which included brandishing a firearm. After a previous drunk driving arrest, that was the last straw.

But he may have done something even more impressive in the aftermath. He released a statement that either was written or dictated by him, or by someone who knows how to make a statement sound like the person it is being attributed to (unlike most athlete statements). Here’s the text in full of Berry’s portion, from his agent’s website:

“Words cannot describe how embarrassed I am right now. I’ve let my family, my teammates, my coaches and the entire Detroit Lions organization, including the fans down and I’m so sorry. I know it sounds crazy to some people, but I know I will continue to get better and grow from this unfortunate experience, I have no choice but to get better.

“There are always two sides to every story and the legal process will be where I will tell my side regarding this recent incident. I love the game of football and still feel I have a bright future ahead of me. I worked my butt off this off-season and I hope to be able to help some team in the NFL win games as I continue to grow as a father, friend, teammate and into the man I want to be.

“I want to thank Coach [Jim] Schwartz, Coach [Gunther] Cunningham, Martin Mayhew and all the Lions staff, players and fan base for such a wonderful opportunity where I was able to showcase my football skills. Again, I’m so sorry for letting you all down.”

His attorney, Corky Goldstein, added that the arrests were “a wake-up call,” for Berry, which you can only hope. Agent Audie Attar added that Berry was going to Chicago Tuesday to enter the league’s substance abuse program, and will continue treatment with doctors in California while he trains for a comeback.

At 24 years old, with enough talent to be a starter at a scarce position, Berry’s likely to get another chance. And if he actually wrote this statement — or more importantly believes its words and acts on it — he should get just that.

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  1. If he really feels that way, then he should give the Lions first crack at signing him once he’s finished paying the price.

  2. Time to get back to your miserable life Berry, now back to regularly scheduled programming . Another CB that’s really a D.B.

  3. Didn’t read the entire text, but that sure sounds like “lawyer speak” to me. Whoever wrote that doesn’t sound dumb enough to get arrested twice in one off season. But if he did write it, I hope it’s true and he does grow from it. But I doubt it….

  4. I know it would fit the Bengals past to give him a go. i usually hate comments that put the Bengals down like that, but if it truly was a wake up call.. his talent could really help the secondary in Cincy. With Hall down and age factors, both young and old, Berry could be a good addition. Again, if the b.s. is behind him.

  5. Or he could join an NFC North rival and sign with the Bears…If his past screw-ups are indeed history, he’d be a great young addition to our aging defense.

  6. The Lions showed some real guts in releasing a guy who plays in one of their weakest positions personnel-wise. Flashing a gun and pointing it at people is immature and irresponsible, especially in the wake of the Colorado Theater shooting. It may be painful but it had to be done. Good on you, Lions. Let the trolls that denigrate the Lions now salivate over a guy that the Detroit Lions didn’t deem fit to play for them.

  7. The statement was released on his lawyer’s website. It’s obvious to anyone who isn’t easily duped that the “apology” was written in lawyer speak.

  8. The consensus opinion that the Lions should cut him for off-field behaviour, and that some other team should give him a chance because of on-field ability is an oxymoron.

  9. At least he didnt actually fire the gun. Perhaps he’ll do that next time. And maybe the time after that, he’ll kill someone.

    The loaded GUN with a lazier was a no brainier with the shooting in Colorado he had to go sorry it was to mush.

  11. Ok, watched your video Florio, the gun charge is why Berry is gone. I don’t have any problem for longer suspensions for DUI’s bring it on, but you have to get the union on board with that. Berry to another team in the norris? Bring it on, Staford can bounce passes off his helmet and hands as easy as any other QB in the league .Everybody’s been dogging the Lions secondary this offseason and Berry was a part of that. Bentley may be better then him right now, so really no loss there, and if another team signs him as an upgrade to what they have????? Lions fans aren’t worried about that. We are worried about the other 85 players on the Lions roster you PFT guys don’t talk about, and the 53 that will be there opening day. You had very little credibility with me mostly from your censorship of my comments, but after you backtracked and called the Lions out for possibly acting too fast after railing on here nonstop for them not cutting anyone and everyone every single incident you lost anything you had with me. Why don’t you mention about the Lions arrest records BEFORE this particular year and the fact thy had the 2nd least out of all NFL teams this entire century till this offseason.

  12. Well apparently you liked this written statement from his attorney or agent better then you liked any statements from the Lions PR guy grasping for words to try and describe how an individual could possibly be so stupid. The guy has a family and kid and he’s out carousing with his bros( instead of home with his kid) packin a gun? The chance to start being an UDFA went to his head and he pissed in his cheerios ….TWICE……….

  13. …and all you guys calling for your teams to sign him. SHAME ON YOU, the same people that have been making fun of the Lions for not cutting people earlier. Why don’t they cut Suh or Fairley or Leshoure,? because your self righteous teams would pick them up in a NY minute, and then they would be OK.

  14. I’m going to issue a statement that will receive zero thumbs: Rookie Darin Gantt has the second best writing style on PFT. Batman may have finally found his Robin.

  15. nice that he wants to turn life around and I hope he does it but time to find something else to do with your life besides football. you had your chances at that. it may not help solve the arrest problem but at least it will let other guys know that something more than being put on double secret probation will happen when you screw up multiple times.

  16. I’m sorry. Said everyone who just lost a job that pays a couple million a year. Doesn’t mean they’ve changed, just means they’re going to miss that paycheck.

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