Bucs back away from iPads

The latest trend in computing could be going the way of the CB radio, for some NFL teams.

At a time when more and more franchises are putting their playbooks on iPads, one of the first teams to adopt the technology has distanced itself from it, according to JoeBucsFan.com.

Running back Earnest Graham explained that the device doesn’t necessarily fit well with a young team.

“I think the concept of the iPads was excellent but at times a bit too much for players and coaches alike,” Graham told JoeBucsFan.com.  “The problem was that at times guys would forget to charge them overnight or to update them when they came into the building because everything needed to download before meetings. That would cause problems.  Also the fact that it’s an unnecessary distraction with being able to access the Internet, games, and so on.

“I thought the idea was great but it was definitely more negatives than positives with a young team.  I enjoyed being able to access the opposing teams’ cut-ups and video of that day’s practice, but in my opinion most guys did not use them.  If you keep it simple and do your installations using your [paper] playbooks, you don’t have to guess whether a guy is on Facebook or not.  Based on that experience I would never use them if I went into coaching.”

Another problem, as the folks at JoeBucsFan.com point out, is that when a player has access to game film on his iPad, there’s no way to know he actually is studying it.  When players show up at the facility to study film, it’s obvious that they’re studying film.

And so, for the Bucs, the tablet gone the way of the dodo bird.  Or, perhaps more accurately, the way of former coach Raheem Morris, who was at the cutting edge in 2011 when he persuaded ownership to buy enough of them for the entire team.  Rookie linebacker Najee Goode told JoeBucsFan.com last week that he has seen only an old-fashioned paper playbook during his time in Tampa.

Though other teams may have the maturity and accountability in the locker room to ensure that the iPads will be used as intended and not abused in any way, the Bucs apparently didn’t.  And now new coach Greg Schiano apparently has decided to utilize what quickly is becoming an old-school approach.

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  1. “Another problem, as the folks at JoeBucsFan.com point out, is that when a player has access to game film on his iPad, there’s no way to know he actually is studying it. When players show up at the facility to study film, it’s obvious that they’re studying film.”

    It really wouldn’t be that hard to track how much time a user is spending viewing game film on an app.

  2. Legarrette Blount loved playing some Angry Birds on his…. I wonder if he will now have time to read the playboook.

  3. Simple solution – password protect them so players can’t download anything. And how hard is it to remember to plug it in overnight? It’s about as natural as remembering to plug in your phone or brush your teeth.


  4. How sad that a bunch of million dollar athletes cannot adapt to the iPad. My daughter’s high school went wireless on iPads this year, and kids in the age range from 14-18 seemed to have no problem using this as their primary educational medium.

  5. So, Bucs are going backward cos our grown up millionaires keep forgetting to charge and update their NECESSARY equipment for their job? Cos they can’t stand the urge to use Internet when they are not allowed? Gosh, ppl say lots NFL players are morons for a reason.

  6. I can’t imagine it would be that hard to lock down an tablet (maybe not an iPad) so that it could ONLY be used for football-related stuff.

  7. Players forgot to charge their iPads?
    What, is there no electric outlets where the Bucs practice?

    Players forgot to download updates?
    Here’s an idea, show up 10 minutes early and download.

    Players accessed the Internet?
    Hey, me too. Even i check my fantasy team at work too.

    Most guys didn’t use their iPads?
    And you wonder why your a last place team?

  8. Why don’t the Bucs keep the iPads at the facility. Then they will be charged & updated on time. Also aren’t there settings to limit the online content that’s available?
    One would ask “how are they supposed to study the playbook?” to that I would ask; do you really think these guys are actually studying the playbook?

  9. “Bucs back away from iPads”.

    LOL. Bucs walk into meeting room with iPad’s on all the desks. Hey Jimbob, what’s that on them desks? I don’t know Bubba, but them thar things ain’t right. They scare me and makes me turn yeller! I reckon it’s be best to back away, boy’s, just back away.

  10. Seems like it would have been very easy to design a program to test a players knowledge test of plays on the ipad instead of throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

  11. @jbl429

    Yes, but the players could just leave the app open while they go fool around. The time for the app open would be shown, but that doesn’t mean that they actually STUDIED the film. People do get creative sometimes.

  12. This isn’t a problem with the iPads, the problem is your team has no accountability.

    How is not charging or not updating your playbook any different than forgetting it?

  13. Sounds like they either didn’t have an App developed, or had a crappy one developed, which is their mistake, not the players or coaches.

    The Ravens, who along with the Bucs started the I-Pad deal, have apps developed so I dont think players have internet or games or fun apps. And they are updated and uploaded by staff.

    And the Ravens are a veteran team.

    It sounds like, to me, the Bucs 1) has a bad app for their playbook / film study, and 2) were young and immature.

    I don’t think I-pads were supposed to replace normal film study, but rather let players – motivated, maybe veteran players – take home film with them and be able to review it portably, in the car, on the plane, on the team bus, etc etc

  14. Interesting how Malcolm glazer’s kids publicly took credit for this idea when it was implemented and have now used raheem as a scape goat, because their idea failed. Ha!

  15. I really dont feel like they (the players and coachers) are missing out that much by not using ipads.
    Its not like the tablets are a game changer, no matter how cool their commercials make them look

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