Chad Ochocinco changes his name back to Johnson

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Dolphins receiver Chad Ochocinco said last month that he was going back to Chad Johnson, and now that’s exactly what he’s doing.

Johnson was in the Broward County courthouse this morning to finalize the process of legally changing his name back to Johnson, Jeff Darlington of reports. He legally changed his name to Ochocinco in August of 2008 and has apparently decided that four years of Ochocinco was enough.

Changing his name cost Johnson $401. It is not clear whether it will cost him more money to change the name on his jersey, which may entail personally paying for any jerseys that have already been printed with “Ochocinco” on the back.

The original name change from Johnson to Ochocinco came after then-Bengals receiver Chad Johnson was fined $5,000 for putting “Ochocinco” on the back of his jersey before a game. On Twitter Ochocinco has been referring to himself as Chad Johnson, even though his Twitter handle remains @Ochocinco. There’s no word on whether he’ll change the name of the Ochocinco News Network to the Johnson News Network.

16 responses to “Chad Ochocinco changes his name back to Johnson

  1. The silly little skipping and prancing clown should just change his name to “Look at Me.”

    In his 37 year NFL career his only playoff win was last year with the Patriots when he was clearly just along for the ride. How good can he be? Seriously?

  2. It takes some men longer than others to grow the hell up, but eventually, it happens (with most of us anyway)

    When you get older your narcissicm and ego tends to die down and you can often see what a jack ass you truly were in your younger years. I cringe when I think of how I sometimes behaved in my 20’s, I expect Chad will do the same since by all accounts he’s actually a good guy, was just immature.

    Anyways welcome back Chad Johnson, I hope you play well this year.

  3. I guess I’ll be the first to say thats the best thing he’s done in years,, especially since the translation of his name was eight five instead of eighty five. Nice to see he’s done with the gimmicks. The Dolphins still suck though.

  4. otrd13 says: Jul 23, 2012 12:09 PM

    say it aint so chad!


    No, please don’t say anything. Play. Let your play speak for you. You were a good football player once, then your mouth got in the way.

  5. Now if he can play like Chad Johnson he could really help the team strech the field, which will help the running game and whoever the QB ends up being.

  6. I think Chad means well. He’s a showboat, but he’s not a team-wrecker like some. I think last year was very humiliating for him… Maybe it’s what he needed to get his feet on the ground.

  7. He needs to make the roster before anyone worries about his name change playing into his level of competition. If anything is going to bring it out of him it’s going to be the chance to go and get paid next off season. I was actually surprised they agreed to bring him in without an option for a second season in the case that he started learning the offense or was just put in a position to succeed.

  8. chad might be a clown and below avg player… but he is funny and has good intentions… you will never hear anything about him in a fight or DUI or whatever else… let him to whatever he wants…

  9. He only changed his name back to Johnson because he won’t be wearing #85 if he plays for the Dolphins this year. That number, worn by Mark Duper, is retired.

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