Charges dropped against Dion Lewis


The surveillance video has spoken.

With both sides in the controversy regarding felony charges filed against Eagles running back Dion Lewis and his brother confident that the eye in the sky would vindicate their respective positions, the Lewis camp apparently won.

Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that charges against Lewis have been dropped.

Lewis was arrested two weeks ago for allegedly making a ruckus at a Hampton Inn in Albany, New York.  He and his older brother, who had rented a room for the night so that they wouldn’t have to drive after drinking, allegedly pulled a fire alarm when they couldn’t gain access to the lobby via a locked door.

Lewis had faced a felony count of falsely reporting a fire, along with misdemeanor reckless endangerment charges.  Per McLane, he’ll report for training camp Wednesday.

Though Lewis was vindicated, it would be disappointing if his teammates don’t find a way to poke fun at him — perhaps by storming into his room in the middle of the night and shouting, “Fire!  Fire!

10 responses to “Charges dropped against Dion Lewis

  1. Guilty until proven innocent… Seems to be how the system works these days. Why were charges even filed prior to evidence being reviewed?

  2. Hey, as a Pitt fan, didn’t like the one-two punch of arrests with Aaron Berry (again) and Dion so glad one is erased.

    Dion is a special story. Highly recruited in high school but tore up his knee as a senior…ended up a prep school where Pitt was recruting another player and the Pitt staff who’s the running back?

    Maybe coulda stayed at Pitt but we’ve had more coaches than Italy has had governments.

    The dream Super Bowl is Steelers-Eagles in the cross state challenge. Shady McCoy and Dion would make that bittersweet like Tony Dorsett playing agains the Steelers in SB 13.

  3. I live in Albany and let’s just say, Dion does not have a good reputation. Being a local boy, we all at one time rooted for him, but after seeing him out at the bars, many of us noe can’t stand him. He also has the same reputation at Pitt, not a very like able guy.

  4. Well NY if that’s true he won’t be an Eagle for very long. Lewis was terrible on kickoffs last year. Worst in the league.

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