Dismissal of Dion Lewis charges could still trigger review by NFL


The dismissal of criminal charges against Eagles running back Dion Lewis initially was reported as just that — an unequivocal, no-strings-attached dismissal.

On closer review, it’s not quite that clear of a slam-dunk win for Lewis and his brother, Lamar.

According to the Albany Times-Union, Dion and Lamar Lewis will see the charges against them reduced from a felony and a misdemeanor to a pair of misdemeanors that are then dismissed only if they stay out of trouble for six months.

While the distinction won’t mean anything from a criminal-justice perspective if Dion Lewis can indeed stay out of trouble, the agreement puts Lewis in line for a review under the NFL’s personal-conduct policy.  By its plain terms, the policy encompasses “an adjudication of guilt or admission to a criminal violation; a plea to a lesser included offense; a plea of nolo contendere or no contest; or the disposition of the proceeding through a diversionary program, deferred adjudication, disposition of supervision, conditional dismissal or similar arrangements.”  (Emphasis added.)

If Lewis wanted to avoid scrutiny under the conduct policy, he should have held out for an unconditional dismissal, or he should have taken the case to trial in the hopes of an acquittal.

Other details emerged on Monday, via the Times-Union.  Police subdued Dion and Lamar Lewis with pepper spray, and the positioning of surveillance cameras didn’t show whether the Lewis brothers were banging on the locker door to the lobby at the Hampton Inn in Albany.

Also, they didn’t actually pull a fire alarm.  Instead, the plastic case protecting the alarm was “jostled,” triggering a different internal alarm that hotel staff characterized incorrectly as the fire alarm.

None of this changes the fact that Dion Lewis received a conditional dismissal of the charges, which puts him in line for NFL scrutiny.  Though he may not receive a significant punishment as a first-time offender, he’ll now be regarded as a repeat offender if he gets in trouble again later in his career.

11 responses to “Dismissal of Dion Lewis charges could still trigger review by NFL

  1. Roger to the rescue to over discipline a player, guilty or not. after roger finishes with him Dion will wish he burnt that Hampton Inn down.

  2. I thought the Commish had the power to punish even if there was an unconditional dismissal. Big Ben was never charged with a crime. I thought the Commish had the authority to review the evidence involved and decide if punishment is relevant. In other words it’s not whether a law was broken or not in the end, but the conduct that was exhibited.

  3. How ’bout my man gets four PFT headlines with his name in it, 🙂 Favre, has only had like four this summer…… Atta guy!

    I am a Eagles fan, he just barely made his way into the nfl. But the skinny is, he was partying with his brother before camp, did the right thing and got a room, but got a little carried away, and the hotel people got freaked out. Happens every day to people who do not get their names on PFT headlines.

    (He choose to get a hotel room instead of drunk driving, and got a little carried away).

    Just my thoughts

  4. well another pro athlete walks free again!! you or i would loose our licsense for a year and spend time in jail! the united stated judicial system sucks!! If you can jump or shoot your untouchable!!

  5. The League shouldnt do anything. It was dismissed.
    The “league” is a little big headed sometimes and they think they are the law sometimes.. Stick to Sports “NFL”

  6. So they didn’t actually pull the fire alarm and still got pepper sprayed? Maybe Roger should let sleeping dogs lie.

  7. hoosier: i think you’re getting a little carried away. why would you LOOSE YOUR LICSENSE and spend time in jail? i expect you would have to be driving to lose your license, and out there i hoosierville what is the penalty for getting drunk and, after being locked out of your hotel, jostling a plastic case containing a fire alarm?

    Rumor has it the NCAA is thinking of giving the hotel the death penalty…..

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