Lions’ decision to cut Aaron Berry could be premature


The decision of prosecutors in Albany, New York to drop felony charges against Eagles running back Dion Lewis underscores the difference between an arrest and a conviction.

That nuance apparently was lost on the Lions, who from a P.R. standpoint had no real option other than to cut cornerback Aaron Berry after his Friday night arrest for allegedly pointing a gun at three men in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  But what if prosecutors decide not to rely on three men who may or may not have been drinking and/or who may or may not have embellished the claims?  At this point, it could very well be their word against Berry’s.

Then again, as Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press said during Monday’s PFT Live, Berry met with the team before the team released him.  It’s possible that Berry admitted to pointing the gun or otherwise said something to suggest he doesn’t get it, making it easier for the Lions to feel good about the only right decision, given the rash of arrests.

Monday’s chat with Birkett touched on other circumstances regarding the arrest, including the fact that Berry allegedly pointed the gun within 24 hours or so after:  (1) he agreed to enter a diversion program aimed at resolving his DUI arrest from last month; and (2) a madman shot up a theater in Colorado.

Yes, the Lions had no choice.  But it will be a shame if, in the end, it turns out that Berry didn’t do what he is accused of doing.

In the interim, it’ll be interesting to see whether any other team submits a waivers claim for Berry, essentially squatting on him while conducting their own investigation as to whether he is guilty as charged.  It wouldn’t be a popular move, but teams without a recent history of players behaving badly could get away with taking a chance on a guy who may have finally gotten the wake-up call he so desperately needs.

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19 responses to “Lions’ decision to cut Aaron Berry could be premature

  1. It also involves a player’s decision making ability. Are they putting themselves in bad situations? Repeatedly?

  2. berry would not have been arrested – or cut – if he had stayed at home and played video games. or god forbid studied his play book. it is not that hard to stay out of trouble. just stay at home.

  3. Watch the Bears pick him up, maybe just for inside info. The NFC north is gonna be a tight division

  4. to bad if he did not do he should not have been in that position to be accused of something like that to begin with. one of the reasons players like him him keep getting into trouble is that they do not have to worry about losing their paychecks if they are found guilty. they get the case postponed till after the season then plead it down and pay a fine or have to do community service. really tough measures that will keep them out of trouble like talking to kids ,hey kids watch what you are doing or you to might have spend one of your weekends stuck talking to troubled kids who will wind up in jail anyway. he had his chance and it was called probation and should not have been out with people who could put him in that situation he was charged with. the only way you stop this nonsense is ban them after the second offense. everyone makes mistakes but when you keep making them then you should have to pay the price.

  5. I have a feeling his football career is over undrafted the lions for some unknown reason were the only team to see anything in him the guy sucks and if it had to come to arrests to get rid of him then so be it

  6. Yeah, right. He’s just a law abiding citizen exercising his 2nd Amendment rights.

    His pattern of behavior is enough justification for the Lions to get rid of him. He’s on a downhill path and I doubt if things will improve.

  7. Also….the league may be less likely to fine the Lions (for a huge # of arrests) if they see the team taking some disciplinary action themselves.

  8. He’s just one of many jackasses who don’t deserve the honor of playing in the NFL for big bucks.

  9. This page cracks me up.

    You guys post how the Lions need to cut trouble cases then when they do you post ‘Maybe they shouldn’t have cut him…..’

    Whatever happened he shouldn’t have been there.

  10. If he didn’t do what he was accused of? If not, how would anyone know he had a gun? Lucky guess? And the gun was loaded.

    This is not a DWI or DUI, this guy is a disaster waiting to happen. The Lions are right to cut him. The Fords are embarrassed enough by the MJ and alcohol foolishness, the gun sealed Berry’s fate. What a fool.

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