Palmer says Raiders are playoff ready


The Broncos have Peyton Manning and the Chargers have added a bunch of new players and the Chiefs seem to be on the upswing.  But Raiders quarterback Carson Palmer remains optimistic.

“I think we’re a playoff team,” Palmer told Alex Flanagan of NBC Sports on Sunday, at the American Century Championship. “We’ve got a lot of work to do, but we’ve been at it in OTAs and minicamps and now training camp’s around the corner.  Guys have been studying hard and working on the new system.  And it’s ‘go’ time.  There is no cushion or a year to get kind of momentum going.  We’re ready to come in to camp and go out and win as many games as we can.”

With offensive coordinator Greg Knapp bringing the Texans-style zone-based running and West Coast passing offense to Oakland, Palmer thinks the Raiders will have the firepower to score points.

“Exciting,” Palmer said. “With Darren McFadden in the backfield, an offensive line that is hungry.  They’re gonna open up great holes for him.  And then a lot of speed on the outside. Really fast receivers with a lot of play-action stuff.   I’m excited.  Having a chance to play for Coach Knapp, I’m excited.”

(Wait, was that Carson Palmer or Tim Tebow talking?)

Palmer added that the offense will be more of a run-based attack, with the team leaning on McFadden. Which makes sense, as long as McFadden can stay healthy.

Palmer needs to stay healthy, too. Then again, Knapp’s last team made it to the playoffs and won a game (nearly two games) with a third-string quarterback.

Then again, the Texans had a lot more at the other positions than the Raiders currently have.

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28 responses to “Palmer says Raiders are playoff ready

  1. The Raiders ended up 10th in offense last season with a 2nd string RB and a semi-retired QB at the helm. There is no reason to think they won’t be just as explosive this year if the pieces can stay healthy. This season comes down to defense and I think the new scheme will help, regardless of who they lost on that side of the ball during the off season.

  2. Palmer knows what he’s talking about. This is a sleeper team, regardless of what the so called “experts” think. The Raiders have lost no one other than Michael Bush of any significance. The players brought in, while not the big names the experts like to see, are actually better players than the guys no longer with the team. Case in point, Philip Wheeler is a better fit for the Raiders defense than Kam Wimbley. Wimbley was a marginal situational pass rusher pretending to be LB. Wimbley was terrible against the run and couldn’t cover TE’s and RB’s. Wheeler is a real LB, and he do what a real LB is supposed to do. Real LB’s cover backs and tight ends, give you the blitz, and know what gap to fill and how to seal the edge and back side on the run.

    This team can be top five on offense. The Raiders also have one of the best specialist combos in the league in Janikowski and Lechler. If the defense even just can be average to a little below average (an it says here it will just on the new scheme and coaching alone), then this is a play off team.

    People that really know football know the Raiders have quietly buit the best roster in the division. The West is there for the taking.

  3. Carson is right. It’s the AFC West and the Raiders have gone 6-3 in the West the last two 8-8 seasons. You may say, well Denver has Manning and his 100% healthy now. Let’s just remind ourselves that the 2011 Dream Team also went 8-8 when everyone had them in the NFC Championship game (atleast). Phillip Rivers destroyed the Raiders secondary in Wk17, but so did Carson to SD. We all know how SD Struggles to stop the Run, especially when it’s McFadden taxkling their Safety’s. I won’t mention KC because they don’t belong in this conversation. Yes they again fired their head coach, again this, again that.. Etc. honestly come MNF vs SD everyone will again be reminded how Physical the D-Line is and how physical they’ll be to SD. Just remember when they sent most of SD offense to IR on their last MNF

  4. AH.. HELLO!!! Didn’t they beat the TEXANS in Houston with Jason Campbell at QB? And MATT SCHAUB was getting hammered by the Big D-Line all game long???

  5. Yeah, they are a playoff team if he plays well..No pick 6 and INT,s..He is the only one that needs to do better.

  6. I think they can be dangerous is McFadden can stay healthy, which has been really tough for him since he came into the league…Even if he does get hurt though they can stay in contention for the West since it doesn’t look to be that tough this season

  7. I agree with most of the people who have commented. The Raiders aren’t as far off as the experts would have you think. It’s really all about that defense and depth. If they keep their health and become at least an average defense, they will be in the race for the AFC West.

  8. A Qb stating that he is excited for the season and he believes the team is playoff ready” wow thats breaking news. Pretty sure every QB in the league says the same thing. Lets report this when the QB says ” we’re going to struggle this year and will be lucky to get a few wins. We haven’t accomplished a lot in the offseason and i’m not really looking forward to the season.”

  9. As a Bronco fan, I’ve been saying it all off season. I think the Raiders & the Chiefs will be much improved this year. I don’t expect any team in the AFC West to dominate, and despite having Manning, the division is as wide open as ever.

  10. When Palmer sees how bad the Raiders’ defense is he is going to want to quit on this team like he did his last team.

  11. The new coach has obviously been watching Palmer over the past few years. With the way he slings the pick-6’s, leaning heavily on McFadden makes a lot of sense.

  12. The Raiders will be leading the league in travel miles this season, and are suspect at linebacker and corner. The pressure will be on Palmer for sure. Can he move well enough for the WCO and avoid turnovers? The offense is going to have to be pretty consistent to keep them in games.

  13. Can’t wait for the season. With the kind of receivers Palmer has in Oakland I wouldn’t be surprised if he puts up huge numbers these next 3 or 4 years wins a couple of MVP awards and makes the hall of fame. The Raiders offense is gonna be scary to watch. I think they’re gonna be on the level of the 99 Rams.

  14. Training camp.
    Not coming in off the couch.
    Healthy (at least for now) at skill positions.
    Actual defensive scheme.
    Removal of Stanford Routt.
    Maybe even a few less penalties…

    Gotta count for at least 1 or 2 more wins and thus…
    Carson is right.

  15. Just stop it! Three or four years? MVPs? HOF? 99 Rams? You are delusional. Yeah, they will compete in the AFC West. But, they are not going to win the division. And Palmer? Now that just sounds like a Raider fan, not a rational NFL fan. Look at his career stats and show us where he is a Hall of Famer. His best years were good. But when he is bad, he is horrible. His best is way behind him. Campbell was way better suited for the talents of this team than Palmer. The only smart move the Raiders did all offseason was getting a real GM. Get back with us in a couple years.

  16. Let the haters be haters….the fact of the matter is this team was 10th in offense with a Qb that had to learn a handful of plays BEFORE each game, add to that a loss of McFadden, the Receivers adjusting to a REAL Qb Arm, and the Defense being held back by Al Davis’s useless hire of DC with Chuck Bresnahan…new Year, new offense that’s in sync, and a very talented Defense with a NEW DC with No Al Davis around to screw things up with a prevent defense. This team blitzes well, they did it the year before Chuck, Under John Marshall, and will do it again. AFC West goes through Oakland and Denver this year. Period.

  17. Yes, Raiders will run first. No, they will not run Dmac 30 times a game, not even 25 times. Palmer has a good arsenal of WR’s, so expect Knapp to implement the hurry up offense and his new pass catchers.

  18. Says the guy who’s played a grand total of one offensive series in one playoff game.

  19. With the trade of Lou Murphy, the Raiders have freed up some more cap space. Here’s my question: Do the Raiders go after a good free agent LB? Or go after another quality RB in case D-Mac goes down?

  20. humb0lt says: Jul 23, 2012 10:52 AM

    When Palmer sees how bad the Raiders’ defense is he is going to want to quit on this team like he did his last team.
    The Chargers quit on their fans every year, without fail. Super Bowl Express indeed.

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