Panthers ship disappointing Jeff Otah to Jets for a pick


The Panthers are making moves Monday, executing a pair of trades.

But while adding wide receiver Louis Murphy was a small move, the next one was huge.


The Panthers officially pulled the plug on former first-rounder Jeff Otah, sending him to the New York Jets in exchange for what the Jets termed “an undisclosed conditional draft choice.”

Otah was a massive talent, but has only played four games the last two seasons as he battled injury and conditioning issues. Many within the Panthers organization thought it was a lack of toughness, more than anything. They’ll move forward with former undrafted rookie Byron Bell at right tackle. Bell played acceptably well last year, subbing for Otah.

For the Jets, they get a guy with a chance to be an upgrade over Wayne Hunter at right tackle.

But as the Panthers will tell you, assuming anything from Otah at this point might be a mistake.

16 responses to “Panthers ship disappointing Jeff Otah to Jets for a pick

  1. If healthy (big IF) this provides the Jets with more depth at the position which is what they need. Guy is still young too so hopefully it pays off for both teams

  2. Well, according to people close to the Panthers, Otah has been cleared by the doctors for a while. Nothing that would fail a physical. He’s just been content to laze about instead of getting his arse into game shape.

    Hell of a talent when he is on the field and focused, but yeah, that’s a big if.

  3. Also, fantastic choice on the photo for this post.

    Two recent “swing and a miss” for Panthers GM Hurney: Jeff Otah and Everette Brown. Both off the team, just years later.

  4. (Many within the Panthers organization thought it was a lack of toughness, more than anything.) And they can use that in court for the NFLPA funny how players get traded for not being tough and not playing through injuries.

  5. So how many first round picks from the heralded 2008 tackle class have unperformed? I think its at four right now.

    1. Chris Williams
    2. Jeff Otah
    3. Gosder Cherilus
    4. Sam Baker

  6. I wish Jeff Otah good luck in NY. I ALSO wish the Jets good luck with Otah! He’s gonna look great standing on YOUR sideline now!
    Good move, Coach Ron! Go, Panthers!

  7. Peace out Otah… Just wait Jets, first Practice there will be “some” swelling in the knees. Then he wont practice for 2 weeks. Then he will be held out until the start of the season. Then he will play a quarter. Then he will develop more swelling in the knees. Then he will be held out for a couple weeks. Then he goes on IR…..Enjoy!!!

  8. GREAT NEWS!!!!! I would have been thrilled if the Jets had hired the fat guy that lives next door to me after we sat on our hands all offseason with regards to the O-line. Wlcome Otah…Even a fat out of shape confused Otah will be better than Hunter who was one of the worst players in the league last year!!!

  9. I am willing to bet Sparano had a voice in this one. If Ryan lets him he will have a revolving door of offensive linemen just like he had in Miami.

  10. He’s got a whole training camp to prove hes healthy and motivated. If he doesn’t step up to the challenge and show he’s capable of being durable and the player he has shown he was 2 years ago, he will be gone before September. Then the Jets won’t owe anything to Carolina for this trade, no harm no foul. If he does stick on the 53 man roster then they gave up at very least a 7th round pick for a 26 yr old former 1st round pick in the last year of his rookie contract. If he surpasses expectations the Jets would be more than happy to give up a 5th or 6th round pick in a heartbeat for a starting right tackle. There is no downside for the Jets and could be a steal “IF” healthy.

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