Pressure in Detroit for Lions to cut Aaron Berry


Shortly after Lions cornerback Aaron Berry was arrested for the second time this year, his lawyer offered a predictable statement about withholding judgment until the facts come out. But some in Detroit think it’s time for the Lions to make a statement by cutting Berry now.

Detroit News columnist Bob Wojnowski is among those saying that it’s time for the Lions to change their reputation as the NFL’s biggest troublemakers by sending Berry packing.

“It’s incredible what has unfolded this offseason, and it will stir talk again about the Lions’ lack of discipline and how GM Martin Mayhew and Jim Schwartz need to do more.,” Wojnowski writes. “The NFL certainly will crack down, as it did on running back Mikel Leshoure, who’s suspended the first two games for two marijuana-related arrests. . . . But in Berry’s case, the severe lack of judgment, especially involving a gun, makes it impossible for the Lions to sit back. If the charges are proven, he’ll likely get suspended anyhow, so releasing him isn’t that much of a leap.”

Berry is far from a great player, but he is expected to be a starting cornerback for the Lions this season, and it seems unlikely that the Lions would cut a starting cornerback over off-field issues, no matter how serious.

But the Lions ought to do something to get their players’ attention. Just releasing perfunctory statements about how they’re “extremely disappointed” isn’t enough.

18 responses to “Pressure in Detroit for Lions to cut Aaron Berry

  1. GM Mayhew might be able to get the player’s attention but Jim Schwartz……..never. Schwartz’s cred went out the window when he had his meltdown against the 49’ers and Harbaugh last year. If the headcoach acts so childish how can he ever expect his players to do otherwise.

  2. I say dump him…as a lions fan I feel like spiderman in saying that everybody gets one. One screwup can happen 2 or more and you have more problems than just a moment of bad judgment.

  3. I don’t think we can afford to cut him. If we release him all we have left is an unproven Alphonso Smith who we tried to trade, a castoff from the Colts in Jacob Lacey, and three rookies.

    What I think we should do is make it known he is playing for his job. Drop him down the depth chart and announce of he doesn’t have a good showing in camp he will be cut.

  4. The head coach has no control over his players. Makes ya wonder why he never had a closed door meeting with his players. How many more negative stories are there going to be about Lion players throughout the year? Would any of you want Schwartz as your head coach? He’s a punk too.

  5. Berry is an idiot… Like I said before Lions need to make any player who gets arrested run 20 miles. If you screw up when you was a kid you run lapse in the Lions case they should do miles. There not little kids but they’re acting like it. This would help with inappropiate behavior. Suspending their own guys would also do it. But they have to do it themselves.

  6. Get rid of him. Hold a press conference and let everyone know that he is being released for his immature and irresponsible actions that reflect poorly on the team…and then notify him.

  7. The actions of 3 repeat-offending idiots do not constitute as lack of control by the coaching staff or front office. It is an indictment on their parents…not their employers!!!!

  8. This isn’t just a Detroit Lions problem, this is a NFL problem. It seems like each and everyday another player is getting arrested for a DUI, assault, or drug possession.

    Some people just can’t handle the fame and the money that comes with being a NFL player.

    Coaches and GMs can’t babysit these grown men everyday. These players, and society as a whole nowadays, want to blame everyone else for their actions and refuse to take accountability for almost everything.


  9. Time to cut him now!!!! just try to trade for the dude on the cowboys that they tried to trade for. give em a second round draft for him.

  10. The DUI’s and weed stuff, I can somewhat understand that, they’re young and rich and bulletproof. I don’t condone those things and their stupidity in how they go about their business (smoking weed in cars and not getting a ride when drunk) but brandishing/showing a firearm to someone to elicit fear, the line’s gotta be drawn somewhere. I really don’t care if it means 2 additional losses and we miss the playoffs because this cat gets cut. I’d rather miss the playoffs then have a total criminal on my team. DUI/Weed, you’re not a criminal you’re just dumb and usually young but guns shown or used in any way other than self defense (or hunting) makes you a criminal in my book.

  11. For all of you experts that say Schwartz & Mayhew have lost control of the team, please offer up suggestions of the preventive actions they should’ve taken.
    Instead you sit back and regurgitate reactionary solutions. Reminds me of Matt Millen – a great judge of talent for players that have already made it, but a total incompetent for judging talent potential to transition from college to the pros.

  12. On the one hand, a person is tempted to blame Schwartz given his own lack of discipline and control, but it’s not like he’s running around with these players at night acting as a guardian in the off-season. I think it would be more accurate to focus upon the person who brought this guy and the other arrestees into the organization.

  13. You people blaming the coaching staff are the true idiots. Its the OFF-season. These grown men are away from the team, away from the coaches. A coach is not responsible for what a grown man does in his free time. I am never disappointed when looking for stupidity among the comment section.

    The problem with the Lions cutting him is another team will undoubtedly pick him up. He’s a decent CB. I’m not saying I want him on my team, but cutting the guy hurts the Lions worse than keeping him.

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