T.J. Lang tells NFL players to take cabs


Packers guard T.J. Lang has some simple and obvious — but apparently necessary — advice for his fellow NFL players: If you drive somewhere and drink while you’re out, leave your car behind and call a cab to get home.

Like many NFL fans, Lang is fed up with all the players getting arrested for driving under the influence — five such arrests for NFL players in July and four in June — and he went on Twitter and offered a simple piece of advice: Take a taxi.

“Dear co-workers,” Lang wrote. “These are pretty cheap.. Try one out.” That was followed by a picture of a cab.

Like Derrick Ward before him, Lang is right to lash out at NFL players who drive drunk. The players who drive drunk are a danger to society and an embarrassment to the league, and their fellow players shouldn’t stand by and say nothing while they make the NFL look bad.

28 responses to “T.J. Lang tells NFL players to take cabs

  1. I know they’re football players, and maybe not the sharpest tools in the shed but it’s a little embarrassing that it has to be said. And yes…apparently it does need to be said. Call a cab.

  2. A cab !!!???

    But that aint ballin’ …. I need mai rimz and soundz and “sauced” license plate fo dem haters.

  3. How about one team leader in each clubhouse puts $5k into a taxicab fund.

    Players turn in receipts and get reimbursed. If anyone has the nerve to do so and not pick it up themselves.

    This is a test of leadership on each team. Leaders in the locker room should not stand for this kind of conduct.

    It reflects badly on everyone.

  4. Cool! Remember, this is from a guy who scored a 24 on the Wonderlic – probably a lot higher than the dudes driving home drunk!

    Save the cab as a contact on your cell phone, and bring some dignity back to the NFL

  5. Funny….individual players can call these idiots out but yet the NFLPA as a group wants to keep enabling them.

  6. T.J.s co workers took his advice. Bought cabs, (they really aren’t all that expensive), and now they can do pretty much what they want on the roads. Stopping in the middle of the block suddenly, running red lights, pulling illegal u turns, weaving dangerously from lane to lane, laying on the horn and making obscene gestures to other motorists. Everyone just shakes their head and mutters, “Cabbies”.

  7. I can sympathize with the urge to drive home after a night at the bar. Drinking gives u the allusion that u can drive ok, and for some people a $30 cab ride actually is a significant amount of money. In reallity, no one can safely drive when they’re drunk, and the $30 is the best money u can spend. So when a guy that makes seven or even six figures a year thinks its ok for him to drive, that means he has a MAJOR problem.

  8. I know TJ Lang was looking kind of manly when she sang back in the 90’s and all…..but I didn’t know she played for the Packers! GO VIKES!

  9. It is time for the good moral franchises to call out the evildoers and their moral cowardly franchises.

    As fans we should look down on those dirtbag franchises that encourage criminal behavior of their players and give the league a bad name.

  10. For those of us that can remember the lions drafted a kid in 1987 that drove under the influience and KILLED 3 young teens. The league should have him come in to talk in some capacity or another. It ended his career cause he suffered a broken neck in the accident too but he was the lucky one.

  11. You’re missing the real problem, its not the NFL players driving drunk, its drunk driving itself, drunk driving is much more than an NFL problem.

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