The Giants grab the third spot in the Preseason Power Rankings

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Winning the Super Bowl isn’t enough to get the Giants the top spot in our Preseason Power Rankings.

They took third in our vote and those of you who have been paying attention to the whole list will realize that the Giants beat each of the teams ahead of them on their way to a second title in the last three years. Does that mean we’ve got them too low or have we done a good job of not letting last year’s results cloud our judgment?

Check out the preview of the defending champs and then let us know in the poll below.

11 responses to “The Giants grab the third spot in the Preseason Power Rankings

  1. if you win the SB , the next year you should open up #1 on all lists , the QB and head coach are both returning

  2. I’m okay with NYG being in the three hole. Giants will be more balanced this year with Wilson/ bradshaw carrying the rock and hynosirus in his second year clearing some holes. RR and the combination of Barden/jerrigan/hixon will fill manninghams shoe’s nicely. TE remains a question but I think Bennett will play better than most expect. A healthy/happy Osi will only make the best D line in the league even better. Prince /TT and webster is a solid group of corners. Kenny and Antrol are the best combo of safties in the East and maybe the Nfc. And of course we have Canton bound Eli freaking Manning coming off his best season. That 5th SB is coming Giants fans.
    Driveforfive baby!

  3. The New York Giants, the reigning Super Bowl champions, should, in my opinion at least, rank #1 in any 2012 preseason power ranking. During the recent playoffs, the Giants defeated the Packers decisively, and then went on to defeat both the 49ers in the NFL Championship game and the Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI. Importantly, the Giants also defeated New England during their 2011 regular-season matchup. Are we to believe that the Patriots should now rank above the Giants? Not in my book.

  4. I am a die hard Eagles Fan. I gotta’ tell ya’. I’m so sick of undervaluing this damn team. We beat them most times we’ve played them lately. It’s so sickening to see them win Superbowl(S) and we can’t get our ish together. Eli deserves to be mentioned with the other premier passers in the league. The D year after year gets after it. This is deserved as much as it pains me to say so.

  5. When a new season starts everyone starts over and the pats and pack are gonna be the favorites again. It makes sense to me

  6. 3 is fine for the giants, maybe 4 would be better. that is not the issue. the problem is that they were the better team going into the superbowl against the pats, they were better when they won and they still are a better team after the draft.. 9ers are great and got better, saints and packers will also remain powerhouses. other than those 3 teams no one has a better resume for starting the season

  7. They deserve an enormous amount of credit for their late season roll and winning the SB. However, we can’t ignore the fact that they were a 9-7 team which is the worst record ever for a SB champion.

  8. classic how nat’l media has a bias toward this team as they have been characterized as one of the luckiest SB champs in SB history.
    The all time luckiest catch in 07′ and another prayer chucked up by Eli last year enables them to eke out 2 SB victories in recent years. The road to get to the 2 SB’s was more impressive than the SB wins themselves, particularly in 07.
    The defense is what makes this team tick and not surprisingly, the Pats defense in both SB’s was sub-par.
    Who says defense doesn’t win championships?

    Victor Cruz changed everything last year and as long as he stays healthy, I’d say they should be ranked number 1. By far a more balanced team than GB or NE.

  9. I’m a die hard Giants guy but ranked 3 sounds about right. Everyone is out to get the champs the following year so its going to be tough. Although I can guarantee a better record than 9-7. I’m just hoping for a complete trashing of Dallas on the season opener. Something like 42-7 would almost be as good as another ring.

    And on media bias against the Giants, I agree 100%. They get no respect yet teams such as Dallas along with losers like Tony Romo always seem to be glorified. When I watch a Dallas game, Romo’s name must be mentioned 300 times, many of which with praise. How many rings or playoff wins does he have? LMAO!

    Oh, and regarding the Giants being “lucky” 4 time super bowl winners, I don’t exactly remember any blowouts with the New Englands wins which were all by a margin of 3 points.

    Its time the G-Men get some respect. Especially Eli.

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