Tom Lewand cites “appropriate consequences” in Berry release

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The Lions released cornerback Aaron Berry Monday for what they termed “personal conduct which adversely affects the club.”

Tim Twentyman of the Lions’ official website had the full official statement from team president Tom Lewand, after Berry was cut following his second arrest of the offseason.

“We have repeatedly stressed to everyone in our organization that there will be appropriate consequences when an expected standard of behavior is not upheld,” Lewand said in the statement.

Berry’s second arrest came Saturday morning, on three charges of simple assault, which included brandishing a firearm.

He was also arrested for DUI, also in Harrisburg, Pa.

While it’s hard to say the release wasn’t predictable, it also hits the Lions at a sore spot. Berry was penciled into the starting lineup, leaving that job up in the air.

They drafted three cornerbacks this year, and added veterans Jacob Lacey and Alphonso Smith.

11 responses to “Tom Lewand cites “appropriate consequences” in Berry release

  1. The Lions showed some real guts in releasing a guy who plays in one of their weakest positions personnel-wise. Flashing a gun and pointing it at people is immature and irresponsible, especially in the wake of the Colorado Theater shooting. It may be painful but it had to be done. Good on you, Lions.

  2. If Chris Houston gets hurt, Lions secondary may start to show flashes of the ’08 team. Excited to see the 3 rookie CB’s play, but against experienced WR cores in Green Bay, Houston, Atlanta and others the Lions have on the schedule this year, it may not be pretty.

    Cheers to the offense having to put up 30+ every week.

  3. It seems to me that this unfairly penalizes the Lions unfortunately. Someone else will pick up this clown and he will get paid. A better solution may have been fines & suspensions on the player.

    That said, the Lions were in a no-win situation here.

  4. Should have done this when Leshoure got busted for the second time.

    I wasn’t impressed with Berry last year, so to me this is simply releasing a below average player to send a message while letting young potential stars go free.

  5. It would be great to see NFL teams collectively say “No” to this kid. Make him sit out a season and see if he gets the hint.

    Its very simple. You have a dream job. You play sports and get paid very well to do so. We don’t ask for much. Show up on Sunday, try your best and stay out of trouble.

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