Trent Richardson’s deal is “very close”


The rash of first-round signings is expected to continue on Monday.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Browns and running back Trent Richardson are “very close” on a new deal.

Richardson, the third overall pick in the draft, would join Lions tackle Riley Reiff (No. 23 overall), Steelers guard David DeCastro (No. 24 overall), and Cowboys cornerback Morris Claiborne (No. 6 overall) as players agreeing to terms on Monday.

It also would leave six first-round picks unsigned, including the man who likely will be handing the ball off to Richardson, Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden (No. 22 overall).

7 responses to “Trent Richardson’s deal is “very close”

  1. Careful Trent. Remember it’s the Browns. Do you really want to be a one man team? Look. What they’ve done to Colt with no other players to help Cleveland win more than 4-5 games a year. Who is blocking for you, opening holes to run through? They need so much help that you may fail just like the couple of guys that proceeded you.

  2. Both T-Rich and Weeden will be signed and in camp this week. Too much riding on this dynamic due for the 2012 Browns.

  3. Fiesties comment got me to thinken again about this whole off season deal. Arguabley the worst, or close to it, offense in the nfl and they lost thier games by one touchdown or FG? And this with the QB who can’t take the Browns where they need to be? So let’s load up with the drafts that put “weapons” in the QBs’ hands and then get rid of him for another first year draft pick with a questionable college background? I don’t believe the Browns don’t see Weeden having a tough first year and then don’t forget the sophmore slump. Yeah I can see this worken like a champ.

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