Whisenhunt isn’t thinking about the heat of his seat


Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt made a significant gamble last year, trading a second-round pick and a player who’d been selected with a first-round choice to the Eagles for quarterback Kevin Kolb.

To date, the move has been a bust.

Still, as the Cardinals try to break a string of consecutive non-winning seasons, Whisenhunt isn’t feeling the heat.

“You know what, I don’t think about that,” Whisenhunt said Monday, per Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic.  “You work on what you can control and preparing your team.”

But Whisenhunt seems to know that, if things don’t change, eventually there will be problems.

“Look, that’s the nature of this business,” Whisenhunt said.  “You understand that coming in.  It’s not going to change my approach with our players and how we work and how we prepare.  I think we can be a playoff team again.”

He’s not incorrect, if the Cardinals can get the quarterback situation under control.  If they can’t, the man who will match this season Jim Hanifan as the longest-tenured coach in franchise history with six years on the job (yes, a team that’s been around since 1920 hasn’t had the same coach for more than six years) may not get a seventh.

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  1. Unless he was the mastermind behind the Kolb trade (which he may have been, I don’t remember) I think he should get at least a couple more years.

    He took one of the longest suffering franchises to a few seconds away from upsetting one of the NFL’s most successful franchises in the Super Bowl. It’s not like they’ve been terrible (and this is coming from a 49er fan), they just lost their franchise QB.

  2. He’s not going anywhere soon. After losing a HOF QB in Warner, M Bidwill will give him time to get a QB. That is the only thing this team missing, and they may have a decent QB in Kolb.

  3. Surprised this guy wasn’t on the hot seat sooner. He’s been very mediocre as a HC, and he’s lucky he’s had Boldin, Fitz, and Warner to bail him out over the years.

  4. trading for and signing Kolb isn’t on Whiz.

    The Cardinals making that move was at the direction of Larry Fitzgerald. Without making that mave, Fitz never resigns in AZ.

  5. Whiz is the best coach the Cards have had since moving to AZ. He has changed the mindset and has shown they can be winners. It would be stupid to even think about replacing him even if they have a subpar season. When you find something good you should stick with it. Changing coaches like you change your underwear hasnt worked for anyone.

  6. Yea 7 playoff wins, 2 division titles, 1 NFC championship in his few years.
    Previous 100 years 1 playoff win….

    Whis is NOT on the hot seat…lets make that clear.

  7. PS I’ll remind Florio he picked the cards to finish dead last in the division the year they went to the super bowl
    And again picked them to be dead last in the division when the Cards won the division and beat Green Bay in the playoffs.

  8. If you want to play the “glass is full” card, the Cardinals have only had one losing season under Whisenhunt….

    ….and they made it all the way to the Super Bowl a few years back.

    The Cardinals were a perennial punching bag for as long as I’d been following the sport (20+ years) until he got there. Granted, the Kolb move might put him on the hot seat if things continue to not work out this year, but it’s still at least a season too soon to consider him a legitimate hot seat candidate.

  9. Its sad this is the state of the NFL now, where a guy can have a couple sub-par, not even terrible seasons, even after a super bowl appearance and he is immediately “on the hot seat”. The fact that he took that team last year to just under .500 is impressive considering the Super Bowl champs were only 9-7.

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