Andy Reid shapes up


Add Andy Reid’s name to the list of coaches who are getting in better shape.

Reid is slimming down (the picture you see on the right was taken on Monday; here’s a heavier Reid in 2010), and he’s also pushing himself while he pushes his players. No, Reid wouldn’t be able to beat even the slowest of linemen in a conditioning test, but he did pass a conditioning test of his own on Monday.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that after the Eagles got off the practice field on Monday, Reid took a two-mile uphill walk back to the Lehigh University dorms where the Eagles are staying. That was a walk Reid took at his first training camp at Lehigh, but in recent years he began getting a ride between the practice fields and the dorms.

There’s no word on exactly how much weight Reid has lost, and he doesn’t appear to have caught Rex Ryan as the league leader in NFL coaching weight loss, but it’s a good sign for Reid’s future that he’s focusing on his health. He may just be around long enough to coach an Eagles dynasty.

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  1. Wait!? He has lost weight without having a surgery??? This can’t be……did he eat less and exercise?? I don’t understand, when you have access to top notch fitness facilities and trainers you should skip that and just get a lapband…right? Congrats Andy on your well earned weight loss. It’s nice to see a guy put some work in. Andy deserves the accolades, keep up the good work.

  2. When you exercise, your mind becomes sharper. Maybe this could be the key to fixing his time management issues on the game clock!

  3. As an Eagles fan, I’m glad to see Fat Andy finally replaced his dinner menu with a playbook. Maybe now we can focus on attempting to bring home some hardware.

  4. Good for Reid. I myself have lost a bunch of weight over the last 15 months. Went from 270 to 215 [at 6’3″] and I did it by changing my life habits. I didn’t go on some trendy diet or even diet at all [as my eating habits weren’t that bad]. I got drunk less and I went for jogs and rode my bike 15 miles everyday. Didn’t cost me a dime. I would market it to make money but there is no money involved, just getting off my lazy butt.

  5. They might want to take some baby steps before this whole dynasty talk. Like maybe win a NFC Championship game. Then maybe win a Super Bowl. Then try to win more than the team in their division with 2 of the last 5.

  6. Philly fans just can’t handle the fact the Sexy Rexy is slimmer , trimmer and has nicer feet than Randy Andy. Don’t worry, be happy, you can count on Gmen smashing your Muffets again. Keep dreaming about our Lombardi hardware. You can always beat on the Cowgirls.

  7. Dynasty what a joke this time next year the eagles will be looking to replace the most overpaid overrated quarterback of all time. He doesn’t win big games, cannot handle the a pash rush , cannot stay healthy. All he does is talk he is on the perfect team. When was the last time he read a d and checked out of a bad play or looked at his third receiver. Prob the last time Reid saw his own shoes

  8. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Reid is still super fat… and for a guy who ask’s discipline from his players, show’s none from himself.

    Leading by example – nice work, coach!

  9. He does this like every other off-season, and then puts that 50 or 60 back on over the next two seasons. Stick with it coach and keep burning it off! The dude really needs to take better care of himself consistently.

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