Bryant family attorney says no violence occurred


Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant and his mother appeared at a press conference Tuesday, which turned out to be little more than a statement-reading.

“I would love to make a statement, but I can’t,” he said, via Tim McMahon of

Bryant’s mother Angela has already declared she doesn’t want to press charges against her son after last week’s incident that resulted in a family violence arrest.

So their attorney, Royce West, issued the following statement on their behalf Tuesday (which was oddly enough reprinted at the Cowboys’ official website).

“Mr. Bryant and his mother, Angela are appearing here today because they feel it is important to address recent reports that Mr. Bryant committed family violence against his mother,” the statement read. “Although Dez would like to speak to this matter, on the advice of counsel, he will not make any statements at this time.

“Did a family disagreement occur? Yes. Did Dez Bryant commit family violence against his mother? No.

“They are here together today to show they do love and support each other, just as much as they did before the incident a week ago. But like all families, the Bryants have disagreements.

“Mr. Bryant and his family understand the serious nature of family violence. They believe when all the facts are reviewed, Mr. Bryant will be cleared of any allegations of family violence.

“Angela Bryant does not want charges filed against her son. Ms. Bryant has had an opportunity to speak with other people who witnessed the incident and has filed an Affidavit of Non Prosecution with the DeSoto Police Department. She recognizes that under the law, filing of the affidavit may not impact the legal outcome of her complaint. She asks that her affidavit be taken into consideration in deciding whether it is in the best interest of her family for this to continue in the legal system or allow them to resolve the issue as a family.

“Dez and his mother believe this is a family matter that can be worked out through counseling.

“They ask there not be a rush to judgment concerning their family. They also ask for your continued prayers and support for their family as they work through this matter.”

Yes, by all means, turning out as props for dog-and-pony show is certainly the best way to respect the sanctity of the family. Especially a family which includes people who strike other family members. Or  threaten to kill the other. Even if he “loves her to death.”

6 responses to “Bryant family attorney says no violence occurred

  1. So you can call the cops every time you just have a family argument? Why do I feel like there’s going to be a sudden uptick in homes for sale in the Bryant family neighborhood?

  2. If you waste the legal systems time and the police forces time with domestic violence calls where charges are not pressed – Then counseling should be MANDATORY.

  3. Let’s hope Goodell doesn’t bite on this bullchit. Jerrah and Dez might want to believe all is happy and forgiven but Bryant needs some serious counseling becuz it’s only a matter of time before Dez blows again (or mama needs more money for her habit). Someone better tell Jerrah that using money for “bandaids” doesn’t fix the problem. I recall the flak that J. Ireland got for asking Dez about his Mama at the college combine, but Ireland was a whole lot smarter than Jerrah.

  4. Bryant family attorney says no violence occurred after the family was compensated for an ounce of crack.

  5. Right, Ireland is such a genius he decided to draft Jared Odrick instead of Bryant. Who, you may ask? Exactly. Ireland may be the reason the Dolphins weren’t able to lure the likes of Tim Tebow, P.Manning, Alex Smith and Jeff Fisher to the team but yeah, congrats on the 31-33 record as a GM, genius.

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