Courtney Upshaw ready for camp, now that he’s passed his test

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Courtney Upshaw’s rookie training camp got off to a rough start, but he’s already having a better time.

Upshaw was placed on the Ravens non-football injury list after initially failing his conditioning test and missed a walk-through before passing it on his second attempt, according to Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times.

Now cleared, Upshaw can get to work trying to improve a Ravens defense that is wondering how to replace some productive players.

He’s slated to start at strongside outside linebacker, replacing Jarrett Johnson (who signed with the Chargers as a free agent). But they could use him to add something to the pass rush, while they wait to see how long Terrell Suggs will be out with his torn Achilles.

Upshaw had 9.5 sacks last year at Alabama, and while expecting him to replace Suggs’ numbers (14.0 sacks last year) would be unfair, he can make a difference. As long as he’s in shape, that is.

6 responses to “Courtney Upshaw ready for camp, now that he’s passed his test

  1. A linebacker in the NFL has a lot of ground to cover and reguires lots of energy and explosiveness. If this guy is a linebacker and has trouble with conditioning he won’t last long.

  2. he will be fine. he plays such a physical, brutish style that once he hits the field, there will be no stopping him. and with ray Lewis watching over him, these stupid mistakes will be eliminated.

  3. I remember watching him in the title game last year and remarking on how well he moved for a guy his size. Although he didn’t look quite as big as he does in that picture.

  4. These tests are no joke either. Raven offensive linemen have to run a 20 shuttle, 7 times, all under 35 seconds with a minute break between shuttles. If you come in over 35 seconds you fail.

    That’s pretty challanging, can’t imagine what the WR and CB conditioning test consists of.

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