Dwight Jones doesn’t report to camp, Texans still hope he will


Shortly after signing with the Texans as an undrafted free agent in April, former North Carolina wide receiver Dwight Jones declared himself “the steal of the draft” (even though he wasn’t drafted) and “the next Andre Johnson” (even though no one else was making that comparison). Then, a month later, Jones abruptly told the Texans he doesn’t want to be a professional football player.

So it’s no surprise that Jones didn’t report to training camp today. But the Texans, who put Jones on the reserve/did not report list, are still holding out hope that Jones will show up eventually, according to Adam Caplan of SiriusXM Radio.

There have been no indications from Jones that he ever intends to show up, but it doesn’t cost the Texans anything to get a look at him in training camp, so there’s no reason for the team not to leave the door open to him if he changes his mind. And although his comparisons of himself with Johnson are silly, he is a talented player: Jones entered college with a lot of fanfare as one of the nation’s top recruits and had a strong senior season last year, with 85 catches for 1,196 yards and 12 touchdowns.

If Jones ever decides he’s willing to dedicate himself to football, he’s good enough to make an NFL roster — and the Texans will remain willing to give him the chance to prove that if he’s not the next Andre Johnson, he can at least be one of Andre Johnson’s backups.

5 responses to “Dwight Jones doesn’t report to camp, Texans still hope he will

  1. The Texans actually don’t want him to show up to camp. They have to leave the invitation open though, if they want to keep his rights. He quit on them and the Texans signed him instead of some other Free Agent. The Texans now want to make it as difficult as possible for him to go to another camp. He’ll get released, but not until after the Texans are forced to make a move on the roster. He just burned a big NFL bridge. He’ll never play a meaningful snap…

  2. I give the Texans credit for holding out hope for the kid, he does have alot of talent but now you have to question his heart and mental toughness. I hope it works out because the Texans need help at wide receiver. I guess they will give the young wide receivers a few weeks in camp to showcase their talent before they bring in a veteran. Calling Terrell Owens around Week 3 of the preseason may not be a bad idea given he is healthy enough and mentally ready to be a #2 or #3 wide receiver on a Super Bowl contender.

  3. Damned shame he is blowing a chance like this. He stands to make a MINIMUM of $390k/year. What other profession can you get out of college and make that much? What else can a 21-23 year old do to make that kind of money legally? The absolute worst case scenario (assuming he makes the 53 man roster) is buy a nice house ($160-200k in the midwest), buy a decent car (a Kia Sorento for around $27-30k), pay the taxes for 5 years, pay the tax man and you are good with 2 things that can’t be taken from you – a paid for house and vehicle.

    This is sad. I remember watching the first hard knocks and the guy who left the Ravens camp tried to come back 2 weeks later. Talk about regrets. You got one chance at this.

  4. His behavior differs in no way from all of his UNC teammates like Marvin Austin, Robert Quinn, etc. Butch Davis sure knows how to coach ’em up!

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