Eagles will hold off on bringing in Jeremy Shockey

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We mentioned this morning that the Eagles were showing interest in free agent tight end Jeremy Shockey. But that interest may have already waned.

The Eagles have put their plans to bring Shockey in for a physical on hold, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

That may mean today’s visit with another free agent tight end, Visanthe Shiancoe, went well enough that the Eagles are planning to sign him soon, which would eliminate their need for a veteran tight end.

And that may mean Shockey, once among the league’s top tight ends, will have to continue looking around to find any team interested in bringing him in for training camp.

Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman said tight end was a spot the team knew it needed to bolster.

“It’s the time of year where we’re trying to create competition,” Roseman said. “Camp opens for vets tomorrow. We go through our short list. We see if there’s any guys that we have good grades on and we work them out. Last year we had five tight ends on the roster. Right now we have four. We’re looking at everything.”

But they’re apparently not looking at Shockey anymore.

11 responses to “Eagles will hold off on bringing in Jeremy Shockey

  1. The fact that the Panthers don’t want him back after contributing to Newtons’ rookie success tells you everything you need to know about Shockey.

  2. It sounds like they really liked Shiancoe. From what has been reported his workout was very impressive.

  3. Uh oh these could b the last pieces of a budding dynasty, could last years dream team beat the original? If Vick win 6 games and promises to study his play book could be time for another contract

  4. Not bringing in Jeremy Schockey is the best thing any organization can do if it wants to get better. Never understood why anyone thought he was a good player and now that he is dinged up and old, there is even less reason to want him around.

  5. pixelito says:
    Jul 24, 2012 12:19 PM
    The fact that the Panthers don’t want him back after contributing to Newtons’ rookie success tells you everything you need to know about Shockey.

    The Panthers were very pleased with Shockey. He was mainly the check-down TE while Greg Olsen went on deeper patterns, and he excelled. He caused no trouble and brought a healthy level of nastiness to his play. We didn’t re-sign him because the balls he caught last year will be thrown to Mike Tolbert, who is younger and cheaper. Any team that has a TE who plays more like a WR, and needs another TE to be the check-down guy, Shockey can fill that role. He still has tread left. I’m a bit sad he’s not still with the Panthers, but I understand why.

  6. 4ever19, as a philadelphia eagles fan I assure you Schockey was more than a good player, he was a beast. Not to many guys were lining up to get in front of him. He was like a runaway frieght train before injuries got to him. There’s a difference between not liking a guy and him not being any good.

  7. well shiancoe signed with the pats so hockey may come in after all…and now I’m naucous.

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