Greg Schiano: LeGarrette Blount has always been on time for me


Buccaneers running back LeGarrette Blount was late so often during his two years playing for head coach Raheem Morris that the team had to arrange for him to hire a car service to get him out of bed and to practice on time. That has led to speculation that Blount won’t last with Greg Schiano, a more demanding coach than Morris.

But Schiano thinks things will be fine with Blount.

Schiano told Jim Rome on Rome that from what he’s heard, he doesn’t think the issues with Blount’s tardiness were as bad as they’ve been made out to be, and Blount has had no issues at all during the Bucs’ offseason work this year.

“I think that probably got blown out of proportion a little bit,” Schiano said. “He probably had some troubles — I’m not really familiar with the facts — but that’s all behind us. LeGarrette has been great. We’ve had workouts here, we’ve had OTAs, minicamps, and he’s been on time for everything. It hasn’t been an issue at all and I don’t foresee that being an issue.”

The Bucs traded up to take running back Doug Martin late in the first round of this year’s draft, which was a strong sign that Schiano didn’t think he could count on Blount as his starting running back. But Schiano said he does have confidence in Blount.

“I have a lot of faith in LeGarrette,” Schiano said. “LeGarrette has bought into what we’re doing, he’s working incredibly hard, and if you watch and you see the things he does from time to time, it’s great — really great running back play. It’s just we need to put those things together consistently.”

If Blount can be consistent and punctual, he’ll get along with Schiano just fine. If not, he probably won’t play for Schiano for long.

12 responses to “Greg Schiano: LeGarrette Blount has always been on time for me

  1. “I have a lot of faith in LeGarrette,” Schiano said. “I have to say that or LeGarrette will sucker punch me in the head.”

  2. I am a Rutgers guy

    Take it from me Schiano has that team on lock down….BLUNT will not be a problem.

    Schiano is a fantastic leader. TB is lucky to have him


  3. “I think that probably got blown out of proportion a little bit,”

    The team had to hire a a guy to wake him up and take him to practice on time. Not sure, considering those facts, how it got “blown out of proportion”.

  4. Punching someone in the face after they slap your shoulder pads and taunt you, is not a sucker punch. If dude didn’t want any trouble then why was he in his face, he just messed with the wrong guy and got caught.

  5. Doug Martin and LeGarrette Blount are not the same running back. They have different skill sets. The drafting of Martin does not necessarily mean that don’t have confidence in Blount.

  6. This has the makings of the most balanced running game that Tampa has ever seen, as the potential is there along with a much better o-line. As a Buc fan, I’m cautiously optimistic and will have fun watching it unfold. Glazers finally realize u can’t win on the cheap. Go Bucs!!!!!

  7. Schiano is full of it. All coaches say positive things about their players in public. I bet Legarette starts the season in the doghouse…where he belongs.

  8. Our offense is probably one of the best offenses to be in Tampa in a long time. I will say on paper so I don’t I don’t hear all the Pansy’s but with the right amount of veterans and getting the missing pieces in the draft and free agency, this team can definitely reach the wild card. Hopefully the defense can hold their end of the bargain.

  9. I think it would smart to use them in tandem like Carolina does with Williams and Stewart keep both fresh nothing punishes a defense like a strong back with fresh legs in the second half.

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