Is DeSean Jackson still protecting himself?

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The massive hit that Falcons cornerback Dunta Robinson applied in October 2010 to Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson, who is listed as weighing 175 pounds and so is likely closer to 165, seemed to make Jackson skittish about going over the middle.  His trepidation culminated last year with a bizarre in-season declaration that his top priority is staying healthy.

Now that he has gotten a long-term deal and the lifetime of financial security that goes along with it (unless and until he pisses all the money away), many believe he’ll go back to being the reckless, fearless dynamo he was pre-Dunta.

Those who believe that may be wrong, based on what Tim McManus of 97.5 The Fanatic and had to say during Monday’s PFT Live.

I could type what he said, but then you wouldn’t watch it.  (And before you complain about a 15-second ad that will play before the video, compare the time you’ll spend complaining to the time it will take for the 15-second ad to run.)

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17 responses to “Is DeSean Jackson still protecting himself?

  1. Just play to Desean’s strengths and keep him away from the middle. Stretch the field with him on deep pass plays to open up the underneath game for everyone else. If not, keep the routes simple and get the ball to him quickly on the outside because we all know he can take a curl or a quick-slant all the way to paydirt.

  2. Man my mouth still waters when I think about that hit. Like to see a couple more of those on him or Vick this year. No tandem in the league deserves it more.

  3. I’m so glad this guy plays in Philly and same for his cousin Dez in Dallas. Fine upstanding young men doing their franchise and fan bases proud. Ha. Clowns !

  4. Wtf kind of question is this? Robinson was fined for that hit for leaving his feet. All you haters haven’t said anything about any other receiver getting hit illegally like that especially PFT. Does the same question apply to everyone else? No, only because its DJax and the Eagles Florio has to type something negative. Can’t wait til this little guy, with a heart way bigger than any of us sitting behind a computer protecting ourselves, embarrasses every single team on Philly’s schedule. Damn right I’m an Eagles fan and I’m damn proud. E A G L E S EAGLES!

  5. He’s too valuable & fragile to risk on 5 yard underneath passes and crossing patterns.

    Sure he’s a matchup nightmare in the middle, but he’s a matchup nightmare outside too.

  6. n0hopeleft says: Jul 24, 2012 9:34 PM

    I cant wait for the day he takes that hit, and someone taunts him.

    It will be exactly what he deserves.

    Why, exactly, do you feel that he deserves it? Are you jealous or racist or…what’s the excuse?

    irongiants1973..comparing desean to dez bryant? Are you kidding me? When was the last time DeSean got in trouble off the field? That statement is asinine.

    Sorry…just had to throw my opinion in there.

  7. What’s the over/under for how many years it takes for DJ to piss away his money? I say 3 years after he retires.

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