Jim Washburn: Fire me if Eagles’ defensive line isn’t better

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The latest confident proclamation out of Philadelphia comes from Eagles defensive line coach Jim Washburn, who’s so confident his group will improve that he’s willing to stake his job on it.

Washburn said that last year, the lockout affected the defense a great deal in the early portion of the season, and that by late in the year they began to show that they’re among the best units in the league. This year, he sees a full offseason giving the Eagles’ defensive line a chance to be great.

“We have real good talent,” Washburn said, via PhiladelphiaEagles.com. “We started figuring it out at the end and it ought to be a whole lot better. I’d be crushed, hell I’d quit if we’re not a whole lot better. They need to fire my ass if we’re not better. We should be a lot better.”

Washburn said the difference between the players’ understanding of the defense this year and their understanding of the defense at this time last year is night and day.

“No excuses, but they didn’t know my name when we met up here last year,” Washburn said. “Golly, I look at the first couple games, all the plays that we screwed up last year on the run, especially the run. Golly, I looked at Atlanta and St. Louis and it’s painful to watch our technique . . . No excuse, it’s just life. The other teams were in the same situation. . . . We ought to be so much better. There’s no way – we’ve got to be a lot better.”

And if they’re not a lot better in 2012, Washburn is the first to say he doesn’t deserve to be their coach in 2013.

19 responses to “Jim Washburn: Fire me if Eagles’ defensive line isn’t better

  1. In retrospect, Jim wishes he had just asked them to fire him, and not “fire his ass”. The sting of the flammable material they used to coat it was bad enough…..

  2. i believe they will improve with the addition of fletcher cox and curry. more talent to rotate in and keep cole and babin fresh. plus, with the addition of ryans and kendricks it will make a lot of the problems the eagles had as well.

  3. As an eagle fan, I just really wish the Eagles stayed out of the headlines. All of these finite statements do not mean anything, and worse yet, the media who keeps silly monikers running like ‘ The Dream Team’ or ‘The Dynasty’ doesn’t help either.

    But I guess if you say it, you own it, and you cant fault the media for playing something you said when you know you had a microphone in your face.

    Here’s this as an idea. Quit talking about ‘On paper’ and just deliver. No talk, just deliver. Don’t waste a time out on the third play of the game, Don’t single cover Larry Fitzgerald, don’t spike the ball before the end zone, don’t give the ball to the RB to just ‘throw’ crazily in the backfield, dont do a book tour the week before training camp, don’t pull the fire alarm at a hotel early in the morning… you get my drift

    Just deliver.

  4. Washburn speaks to the media as Buddy Ryan spoke to them. Some of the sissy reporters may find his blunt approach unnerving. His players evidently play harder for him than some other coaches.

  5. I like it. Its more of an old school way of thinking but its a powerful comment. Its only made less powerful by the fact that coaches are fired at a whim now a days but it is still a great message to his guys and im all in support of his comments. Hope he doesnt get the boot.

  6. Potential first ever starting 4 on the defensive line to make the pro bowl. JUST SAYING..


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