Jim Washburn says Albert Haynesworth is “finished”


Nobody loves Albert Haynesworth like Jim Washburn loves Haynesworth.

But that doesn’t mean the Eagles defensive line coach is bringing his former pupil to Philadelphia.

“He calls me every night and says, ‘Hey, Wash, it’s your big black son’,” Washburn told reporters this morning. “I think he’s finished. His back’s degenerative.”

The Eagles could ostensibly use someone at defensive tackle, with Mike Patterson on the shelf for at least “a couple months,” but Haynesworth’s apparently not in the plan. He’s been unemployed since the Buccaneers cut him in February.

Washburn coached Haynesworth during his best years in Tennessee (two Pro Bowls), and while many have no time for him, Washburn has a different view he joked that Haynesworth helped pave his driveway, by playing well enough that Washburn earned a raise.

“Everybody hated him, but I liked him,” Washburn said. “He’s one of my favorite guys.”

That may call Washburn’s skills as a judge of character into question, but hey, he got a driveway out of the deal.