Justin Blackmon avoids jail time with DUI guilty plea


Jaguars first-round pick Justin Blackmon entered a guilty plea to drunken driving charges in Oklahoma, cutting a deal to avoid jail time.

According to the Associated Press, Blackmon didn’t attend Tuesday’s hearing in Stillwater, Okla., but defense attorney Cheryl Ramsey entered the plea for him.

Blackmon was arrested in June during a traffic stop, with blood alcohol levels three times the legal limit.

The judge in the case imposed a deferred sentence of one year, which means he won’t serve time if he complies with the other conditions. He also was fined $500 and has to perform 50 hours of community service.

Frankly, that’s a slap on the wrist, and it will be interesting to see how the Jaguars use the punishment as leverage in their contract negotiation. Blackmon’s currently one of six unsigned first-round picks, and can no longer expect the kind of guaranteed deals his neighbors are getting.

10 responses to “Justin Blackmon avoids jail time with DUI guilty plea

  1. What is Goodell going to do about this? If non-charges against Dez are supposed to get action from Goodell, then surely this will as well. Dez has bonehead off the field issues in the past, but no legal troubles.

    If one first time offender is hearing calls for league action, why none here?

  2. the jags need to sign him on their terms and if he does not them let him sit out a year.

  3. bunjy96 says:
    Jul 24, 2012 1:14 PM
    Fame and money talks.

    3 times the limit! Do you honestly believe you or I would get the same treatment?
    It has nothing to do with who he is. These DUIs have charts that you go by to determine your punishment. It’s almost like a calculating a mathematical formula.

    First offense * 3 times the limit – guilty plea = $500 fine + community service.

    Under the same exact circumstances in the same state, yes, you would get exactly the same punishment. But, different states have different punishments. Oklahoma must be one of the less severe states because that is a light punishment.

  4. 1) Yes, non-famous people get similar deals all the time. The jails are crowded enough without adding in nonviolent 1st offenders.
    2) Much will be said about his character by how his negotiations go–whether he kicks up a fuss/gripes about less guaranteed money, behavior clauses, incentives tied to being a good citizen, etc
    3) The Blackmon case and the Dez Bryant case are completely different. The CBA spells out how the league deals with substance abuse. Blackmon’s case falls under that.

  5. I was hoping he would get an alcohol diversion program as part of his sentence. If you remember his statements at the time, it was pretty clear he is an alcoholic in denial. A program now might still be able to make some difference. In 5 years, when he is on his 7th DUI, it probably won’t.

  6. As a prosecutor this sentence is basically on par with what any first time DWI offender would receive. Although in most states the sentence would be probation not deferred probation.

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