Kendall Wright still unsigned as Titans’ rookies report


The rookie salary structure in the new Collective Bargaining Agreement has eliminated the lengthy contract negotiations that used to result in first-round draft picks routinely missing some or even all of training camp. But that doesn’t mean every rookie will report to camp on time.

Titans first-round draft pick Kendall Wright, a wide receiver selected 20th overall from Baylor, remains unsigned today as the Titans’ rookies report to training camp, and the Tennessean reports that the Titans aren’t expecting to get Wright’s contract done today.

Although the CBA dictates that Wright’s contract will be in the range of a four-year, $8.2 million deal, the two sides may continue to haggle over how much of that money is fully guaranteed.

Every day Wright misses of camp is a day when he’ll be missing out on time to learn the offense and work with quarterbacks Matt Hasselbeck and Jake Locker, who are reporting early along with the rookies. Wright is expected to start for the Titans, and with No. 1 receiver Kenny Britt recovering from a knee injury and possibly facing a suspension after his recent drunk driving arrest, the Titans want Wright to be ready to go from Day One. For that to happen, he needs to sign soon.

5 responses to “Kendall Wright still unsigned as Titans’ rookies report

  1. This guaranteed money argument is kinda dumb.

    If you don’t think he’ll be there in 4 years why did you draft him?

  2. Hey Titans, just guarantee the whole contract and get him to camp. The time he will miss isn’t worth the extra money you’ll save.

  3. This isn’t the NBA or MLB, where signing your name guarantees a contract 100%. VERY bad precedent at the top of the draft, so now EVERY 1st rounder wants the entire contract guaranteed. Glad some teams are taking a stand, just wish more had the nads to do so. Let him sit, sign some FA who’s hungry to make a team.

  4. He’s a horrible route runner. He needs to get in camp and get as many reps as possible otherwise this will be the last NFL contract he ever signs.

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