Michael Vick happy to serve as inspiration for Robert Griffin III

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Eagles quarterback Michael Vick and role model don’t come up in the same sentence all that often, but Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III admitted last month that Vick helped inspire him to play football.

Word of that inspiration made its way back to Vick during a recent radio interview on 106.7 The Fan, which was passed along by Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post‘s D.C. Sports Bog. Vick doesn’t seem to have any problem with serving as that kind of inspiration, unless you think referring to yourself as “game transcending” is some kind of roundabout way of being self-deprecating.

“I think guys like RGIII idolized me as they grew up playing football. I think Cam [Newton] and Robert Griffin III both were inspired by me and my play. And that’s me being a trend setter, game transcending, and guys wanting to emulate one another,” Vick said. “And I think that’s what it’s all about. I wanted to emulate Steve Young and be just like him, and Charlie Ward, and Randall Cunningham, guys who played before me. So I think it’s a great thing. I think it’s a credit to what I’ve been able to do, what I’ve been able to accomplish — but first and foremost to the ability that God gave me — for younger players to want to pattern themselves after me.”

Since he was the only one of Vick’s inspirations to win a Super Bowl, Eagles fans would like to see more Young and less Cunningham or Ward from their quarterback this season. They’d also probably like to hear a little bit less about how great Vick is and see a better illustration of it than they got last season.

17 responses to “Michael Vick happy to serve as inspiration for Robert Griffin III

  1. I’m cool with Mike’s perspective as long as he knows he didn’t single-handedly make mobile quarterback’s en vogue 10 years ago. Even as Vick was learning the ropes, head coaches of other teams admitted they drafted Dwight Freeney to stop Steve McNair and David Garrard in hopes that he’d be LIKE McNair.

  2. RG3 will full up pull a prima donna routine and blow up his career… all the signs are there

    his name will go down in history with Jamarcus, Vince Young, Haynesworth, Leinart etc….

    wait and see….

  3. This Eagles fan would really like Vick to tone it down. He needs to not talk about himself so much. I have very high hopes for the birds this year, but did we learn nothing from VY’s stupid comment? Just go win. That’s what the fans want.

  4. I don’t think you can refer to yourself as “game transcending” if your style of play hasn’t resulted in a Super Bowl.


    There are plenty of non-Super Bowl winners who have been way ahead of their time and even changed the way the game of football is played. With 32 teams and 1 champion there’s a whole lot of factors that have to go right to win one in a 10-15 year career, even for “game transcending” players.

    I’ve never been much of a Mike Vick fan, but that 46 yard TD run vs Minnesota in overtime was truly one of the most amazing plays I have ever seen. I’ll bet even the most sceptical GMs in football suddenly wondered if that was the future of the QB position in the NFL after watching that.

  5. RG3 will full up pull a prima donna routine and blow up his career… all the signs are there
    Absolutely right. Only a prima donna would graduate high school and college in three years each. And marrying his high school girlfriend before the glitz, glamor, and groupies of an NFL lifestyle had the opportunity to get the better of him: total TO move right there. Being a classy and polished public speaker: what a jerk, next thing you know he’ll be attacking his mom.

    Seriously, all the signs are where? Give one example. Anybody?

  6. I apologize for the confusion, PeytonsNeck18. I should have written it this way:

    Even as Vick was learning the ropes, head coaches of other teams admitted they drafted Dwight Freeney to stop Steve McNair and DRAFTED David Garrard in hopes that he’d be like McNair.

  7. should be the other way around
    at least rg is not an ex con and sociopath as well
    rg actually is articulate

  8. I think it would serve QB DogKiller to be inspired by RGIII and Cam, not the other way around.

    Possessing a criminal record, recording two post season wins, and being a made-out-of-glass loudmouth is not “game transcending”.

  9. Right now the overrated Griffin has cost the Redskins dearly for the next five years. Now the jerk admires Vick? The Redskins may be my team, but I despise Griffin with every pore in my body. Arrogant, overrated, unintelligent, lazy, can’t read defenses, not a leader. He’ll make the Rex Grossman years seem like the good old days. Griffin is just like Heath Shuler – product of great hype and no history of achievement.

  10. Credit where credit is due:
    The Kevin and Rock Show (@KevinAndRock) on 106.7 the fan in DC secured and conducted this interview, and in my opinion they nailed it. Great job.

  11. mancave001- do you not understand how an interview works?? you don’t see these comments coming from vick on twitter and Facebook, he’s answering questions during an interview!!! he can’t control the questions asked of him, genius.

  12. Mike Vick…LOL…The ultimate “I” and “me” guy, can he get through any interview these days without the focus being “I” and “me”? Until you win something Mike the less you talk the more respect you gain!

  13. What does it say about RG III that his role model is the most overrated athlete in the history of professional sports? Maybe he’s impressed by Vick’s criminal record.

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