Mike Pouncey says Dolphins are learning from Ryan Tannehill

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Dolphins center Mike Pouncey doesn’t know which quarterback he’ll snap to at the start of the season, but if it’s rookie Ryan Tannehill, Pouncey says the Dolphins will be just fine.

In fact, Pouncey said on NFL Network that Tannehill isn’t just ahead of most rookies, he’s ahead of the veterans on the Dolphins’ offense because he played for Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman at Texas A&M. And Tannehill is the one helping the veterans learn Sherman’s system.

“He definitely knows it. He ran it in college. You can see it in practice. He’s teaching the veteran guys some plays. All those guys are working together, so there’s not any animosity in the room. Those guys are going out there and competing,” Pouncey said. “He’s a guy that’s mature and ready to play, he knows this offense and with his arm strength he can help this team.”

Pouncey does not, however, have a favorite in the quarterback race.

“Matt Moore came in last year and he did a heck of a job for us — he won a bunch of football games for us,” Pouncey said. “You’ve got a guy like David Garrard, a guy that’s been in the NFL for years now, a guy who was in the Pro Bowl before he got hurt. And then we drafted a guy with the eighth overall pick, a rookie but he’s 24 years old, he knows our offense and does a great job. I can’t wait to see these guys compete and go out there and see who’s going to win the starting job. I feel comfortable with any one of them out there.”

The Dolphins’ coaches say Tannehill, Moore and Garrard will all get a chance to compete for the starting job in training camp, which open in Miami on Thursday.

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  1. It sounds like Pouncey likes Tannehill but is really trying to be nice to the other 2 guys. It honestly sounds like Dolphins have found their quarterback. I just wonder when he starts.

  2. thats funny becasue dolphins are prepared to let him go back into the draft becasue hes so terrible

  3. He needs reps. He has the size, arm, mobility, leadership and brains to be a good QB…he just needs the experience. The game will be very fast for him and he needs the game reps to slow it down a bit. I think he should get a lot of action in the preseason but I don’t believe he should start game 1. If the offense struggles a bit then bring the kid in for mop ups. At least one of the other two (not counting Devlin) will be gone next year and possibly could be gone at the start of the season. The Dolphins have had bad QB situations before but this isn’t one of them. Moore and Garrard are decent placeholders and either would be an outstanding back-up QB. Miami has the luxury of making sure the future QB is ready when he is finally given the starting job. Whether that is late this year or next year is uncertain but it will happen by game 1 2013 unless Moore or Garrard have a ridiculous pro-bowl type season. If either does, there will be an interesting dilemma in Miami’s off season.

  4. Pouncey said all the right things in the article. He does not seem to favor anyone and is willing to protect anyone who ends up under center. He is entering his second year in the league and is already saying the right things and giving the media NOTHING to run with. Good job Mike!!!!!!

  5. Going to be hard keeping Tannehill off tshe field with the skill sets that he has. I totally expect to see them come through loud and clear in actual pre sea.son games. He is going to make a lot of NFL Analysts drink the Hater-Aid. Matt Moore 6-6 as the starter last yr and Gerrard just lost his starting job just a yr ago to Luke McoCown one. He had only 1 winning seas agoon in 4 yrs a is a starter…..5 yrs ago in 2007. I am amazed how many people think one of these backup caliber QBs should be under center. I expect Ryan Tannehill to send them where they belong…..on the bench.

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