Mike Tice: I know what a good offense looks like

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With running back Matt Forte signed to a new contract, the Bears will have all of their key offensive pieces in place when they gather for training camp on Tuesday.

That includes new offensive coordinator Mike Tice, who is being charged with getting more out of the offense than Mike Martz was able to during his tenure in the job. With a healthy Forte and quarterback Jay Cutler joining new wide receiver Brandon Marshall, Tice has more talent at his disposal than Martz had. Now he just needs to make it work.

During an interview with Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune, Tice said that he feels like he’s a better coach and teacher now than he was earlier in his career. One way that manifests itself is in Tice’s confidence in his ability to build a plan for the offense that he thinks will lead to the greatest amount of success.

“I’ve helped establish some good offenses over my career and I’ve played in some good offenses over my career. I think I know what a good offense looks like,” Tice said. “At the end of the day, we’re going to have a certain personality and at the end of the day it will be one of explosiveness and one of intelligence and one of rhythm and one of tempo and one of enthusiasm. You have to have all of those to be an elite offense.”

That sounds good and Cutler, Forte and Marshall give the Bears pieces that could be part of very strong offense. There are still questions about the offensive line that need to be answered in camp and beyond, though, and the best-laid plans of many an offensive coordinator have died after getting the wrong answers to those questions.

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  1. yes the line could be better but they and the whole offense played better the last 2 years once martz was made to stop passing every down and run a balanced offense. it should play better from the start this year since they will not have to change anything halfway thry the season again. plus Tice unlike turner and martz before him will finally run a offense based on things the people in it do well! this means roll outs for Cutler and letting him call audibles! can you imagine rodgers or brees not being able to change the plays at the line when they see the play called has no chance to work? looking fwd. to a great season!

  2. Tice was a good coach in a horrible situation in Minnesota. He had an owner (Red McCombs) who shipped off his best players (Randy Moss for example) and kept the team consistently at the salary cap floor. He also kept the team on a shoestring budget in other ways, for example, the Vikings had fewer assistant ls than any other team during Tice’s era, to the point where Tice couldn’t keep any good assistants around because they were so badly underpaid.

    Essentially, although Tice was incorrectly given a bad rap by the media, he was asked to make do with a whole lot less that other teams peaches were at that time. Frankly, with as little talent as the Vikings had during his tenure, I’m surprised he did as well as he did. His eventual termination was probably a blessing.

  3. I believe this is going to be a strong offense. I am just so damn relieved that idiot Martz is gone!

  4. I don’t doubt Tice knows what a good offense looks like. But I do wonder what he thinks is a good price for Superbowl tickets.

  5. @znorseman

    I agree and disagree. Red McCombs stripped the team down to nothing when Mike Tice was head coach. Tice was the lowest paid coach in the NFL at the time, and didn’t have a lot to work with.

    On the field discipline was a huge problem with Tice in Minnesota. Too many penalties and lack of disipline when it came to gap discipline on the defensive side, players missing assignments, blown leads, late season collapses, etc.

    In the late 90’s and early 2000’s before he became head coach, he was an outstanding O line coach. We had one of the best in the league for years. It doesn’t hurt to have Randall McDaniel, Jeff Christy, Korey Stringer, Todd Steussie, etc, of course. I still think he was one of, if not the best o line coach in the NFL at the time.

    As aVikings fan, Chicago is going to be scary this year….Tice has some weapons to work with.

  6. Get Forte the ball early and often,that’ll make the offense good. Dude is awesome in every facet of the game,a real weapon on every down.

  7. I just have a bad feeling that they will get pass happy with Marshall on board and Cutler will become a turnover machine. Give the ball to Forte.

  8. Offensive line must play like it did during the six game win streak before Cutler went down for this team to contend against the Packers. The best way to beat the Packets is to keep their Offense off the field. We couldn’t keep our Offense on the field when Nartz was calling the game his way. Remember we didn’t play the Packers when we where playing are best ball last year!

  9. With the smurf WRs and Mike “Mrs. Doubtfire” Martz around Jay Cutler has had little chance of showing what he can do since coming to Chicago.
    Things have changed.
    Real WRs added including one of the best in the league.
    A real RB to go along with Forte for a nice 1-2 punch.
    A real back up QB that can actually hold a lead so Cutler does not have to stay on the field every single play.
    Using Devin Hester in a way that creates a match up problem in YOUR favor instead of the other way around.
    A realistic playbook that plays to your strengths instead of trying to force something that was not there while getting your QB killed.
    Letting the QB react to what he sees in front of him instead of playing like a robot.

    If the line plays well and they get the production that they are hoping for at the TE position then the Bears offense should be very good.
    That will also help out their defense instead of expecting them to hold every opponent to 12 points a game.
    Some good moves in the off season by Phil Emery.

  10. Everybody is jumping on the Bears ban wagon just make sure you know when to jump off! Bears look real good! ON PAPER!

  11. scrapingthefloorioforstorios “he also knows how to run an overweight offensive lineman until he dies, and laugh while doing so. i think a lot of people forget that mike tice killed korey stringer.”

    Dude I don’t know or care who you are but 1) you are wrong, and 2) you’re a pig for saying such a thing.

    Moderators, go ahead and delete my post. But you better delete that scumbags too.

  12. Of course he knows what one looks like they’ve kicked his ass quite a few times in his career…Green Bay Packers that is

  13. “I’ve helped establish some good offenses over my career” LOL!!

    His word is as good as his oath not to scalp Super Bowl tickets. He sold his reputation and morality cheaply.

    Chewing gum with his mouth open on television while wearing a pencil on his ear ought to say enough about Mike Tice’ judgement.

  14. Cutler & Marshall might be be a good combination but it’s gonna be hard for cutler to throw when he’s on his as- I need somthing explaned to me? In the bears you have an unproven o-line but, they are going to be a tough team! On the other hand the vikes have an unproven d-backfield but no one thinks they win more than 4 games. Like I said before games are not played on paper.

  15. c’mon. this is all a matter of public record. the guy isn’t a good guy.
    “The lawsuit contends the Vikings forced Stringer to practice the day after he fell ill at camp and didn’t attend to him fast enough when he was stricken a second time. Stringer died Aug. 1 of complications from heatstroke.

    The lawsuit also says that on July 30, then-offensive line coach Mike Tice called the 27-year-old tackle a “big baby” for struggling in the heat. The next day, Tice allegedly taunted Stringer with a newspaper photo that showed him doubled over and gasping for breath.”

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