Panthers DT Andre Neblett blames supplement for positive test


Panthers defensive tackle Andre Neblett, who last week was suspended four games for violating the league’s performance-enhancing substance policy, said Tuesday  the positive test was for an over-the-counter supplement.

He did not identify the supplement, but said it was to try to control his weight. The 6-foot, 310-pounder was listed at 295 last year.

“[It was] something I know I shouldn’t have took and should have checked with my trainer,” Neblett told Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer.

Neblett appealed the suspension, but had no luck taking that route. Players are responsible for what they take, and are given plenty of access to trainers who can check for them, leaving no excuse for not doing so.

He can practice and play in the preseason, but will be suspended the first four games without pay ($127,059).

“I’m costing a team that can potentially make it to the playoffs four games, and I can be a guy that can help,” he said.

Now, he has to wonder whether he’ll have a roster spot when the suspension is up. The Panthers drafted a pair of defensive tackles in the third round last year, and with Ron Edwards coming back from injury and Frank Kearse impressing coaches, there may not be a spot for him when he gets back.

8 responses to “Panthers DT Andre Neblett blames supplement for positive test

  1. Ah, the old “Supplemental Defense” for when your regular denials are just not tuff enough.

  2. There’s just no excuse anymore. Guys have got to be smarter and use the myriad of resources at their disposal. It sucks for Neblett and the team but it’s on his shoulders to check stuff out before putting it into his body.

  3. just ask the league before you take something. It’s not hard. If you don’t you are either lazy or know they would say no. taking stuff makes them look shady. either way punishment is justified

  4. We’ve been hearing this nonsense ever since Barry’s “it’s just flaxseed oil” to explain his head blowing up 5 hat sizes. None of us are buying it anymore. Man up and admit you are juicing.

  5. Neblett was the Panthers only bright spot on the interior defensive line last year. He probably was going to be a starter out of camp. No way he doesn’t make the team, suspension or not.

    Of course Gantt may be right, just like he was right about Jeff Davidson becoming a NFL head coach…

  6. In a related story, “Jonathan Vilma filed suit against the NFL, R. Goodell, Carolina Panthers, State of Carolina, the Charlotte Observer, the maker of the dietary supplement, Andre Neblett’s father, mother, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, grandmother, neighbors and anyone else on behalf of Andre Neblett as none of them have the right to make any comment about A. Neblett. Of course Vilma has asked that his lawsuit be heard in the Bayou as any other state would risk the chance of being too objective.

  7. @thejuddstir

    I was gonna say something similar but you did a good enough job lol. speaking of Vilma atleast Neblett is saying it was on him and accepting his punishment. I mean he could always sue to try and get his spot back like some other “role models”.

    That being said when will the fans get a union to sue either the NFL or NFLPA for constantly screwing up a good thing.

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