PFT Live: Steven Jackson and Eagles talk with Tim McManus

Getty Images

It’s been another offseason of change for Rams running back Steven Jackson.

The Rams hired Jeff Fisher as coach, making it six different full-time or interim head coaches for the Rams since Jackson came to the team. None of those changes have resulted in playoff berths or much in the way of positive momentum for the franchise, leading some to wonder what kind of future Jackson has in St. Louis. We’ll find out what Jackson thinks about that issue as well as what he thinks about Fisher’s introduction to the team when he joins Mike Florio on PFT Live on Tuesday.

We’ll also be talking about the Eagles with Tim McManus of 97.5 the Fanatic and the Eagles blog. Michael Vick’s dynasty comment has been good for a lot of buzz, but no dynasty can start without winning at least one title. We’ll hear from McManus about how close the Eagles might be to that accomplishment and check in on other pressing issues with the start of camp finally here.

You can watch it all live at noon ET.