Ricky Williams Foundation has a new, controversial connection


Rarely does any NFL subject give me a case of writer’s block.  This one does.

A Monday article in the Austin Chronicle describes the curious link between the Ricky Williams Foundation and a group called Access Consciousness, a connection that apparently arose after a California hedge fund yanked $32 million in funding for the foundation after Williams retired from football after playing for the Saints, Dolphins, and most recently the Ravens.

After reading the article multiple times and listening to some of the accompanying audio, I still don’t know how to properly explain this one.  Former NFL running back Ricky Williams “has transformed his foundation into an outlet for delivering the controversial teachings of Access Consciousness” to underprivileged children, according to Alex Dunlap of the Chronicle.

Per Dunlap, Gary Douglas of Access Consciousness believes he can “heal the wounded with his bare hands,” instruct others “how to read minds” and “speak with molecules.”

Some call it a cult.  Whatever it is, it’s unconventional at best, downright bizarre at worst.  And if their methods are being taught to underprivileged children, those children eventually could be persuaded to accept what seems to be a warped set of beliefs.

But judge for yourself.  Along the way, you may be inspired to help persuade from several thousand miles away the sea of plastic trash floating in the Pacific Ocean to become something other than a sea of plastic trash, by telling the molecules to become something that they aren’t.

16 responses to “Ricky Williams Foundation has a new, controversial connection

  1. How is this any different than [insert your religion here]? And I mean that as a serious question.

  2. This is the most absurd and downright fool-hardy…wait did he say Ricky Williams!?!? Never mind, there’s no story here. Move on, where are the training camp reports?

  3. This is exactly the type of thing Ricky Williams would be involved in.

    He’s becoming a caricature of himself.

  4. I’ve seen way too many movies where the villain takes advantage of the under privilege youth. The Shredder comes to mind specifically.

  5. Lets all point and laugh at Ricky Williams for believing in nonsense that is less popular than the nonsense we believe.

  6. Hey, whatever floats your boat. As long as they’re not passing on negativity I got no problem with it. Anybody that thinks they’ve got it all figured out will most likely be proven wrong eventually, so why be afraid of exploring new boundaries?

  7. Well cults usually target the rich (see Scientology) because it’s generally all about profit.

    Where is the profit in trying to help under privileged children? (there isn’t any. competing for donor dollars is extremely difficult these days, and no way to live comfortably).

    Furthermore, these beliefs are inline with other spiritual ventures Ricky has undertaken in the past.

    With belief being a scientifically recognized factor in healing, Ricky focuses his beliefs on healing in a natural, loving way. The more he believes the more success he will have in his goal of healing others (whatever that means to the particular case at any given time… it doesn’t mean a guy with no eyes gets touched by Ricky and Boom! He has eyes!!! Hallelujah!).

    You may think “he’s crazy” (nothing new to him), or it’s all mumbo jumbo… but the guy is obviously dedicating his life to helping others.

    He has my applause.

  8. To assume that consciousness isn’t intrinsically linked to what we perceive as “reality” is foolhardy. Quantum Physics and philosophical texts agree on this matter. But hey, I’m sure Einstein and Plato were a bunch of weirdos corrupting children as well.

    It’s pretty short-sighted and judgmental to criticize what Ricky Williams’ is doing here without knowing more.

  9. He’s trying to help people. He never belonged in the NFL. He admitted it, he’s a spiritual guy and some people think that’s weird but he uses his energy and time to learn and help others.

  10. Downright bizarre? But a story about an omnipotent wizard with a white beard needing six full days to create the world, plus a day to rest up after is nothing but obvious. Gimme a break. If Tom Cruise were here he would call you glib, and he would be right.

  11. Ricky Williams’ twitter feed is unique. Sometimes he is brilliant and sometimes he is trying to hard to be “limitless.”

  12. I know of a number of radical ways of healing. They all get buried by our government, but they are out there. I dont believe this, but I wouldnt label it impossible

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