Steven Jackson says he’s working on a retirement contract with the Rams


Yes, Rams running back Steven Jackson admits that at times over the last five years he wanted to be traded to a contender.

But, no, he’s currently not thinking about playing for any other team.

Jackson said on Tuesday’s PFT Live that he’s currently talking to the Rams about a contract that would allow him to retire as a member of the only team with which he has played.

The active NFL leading rusher with 9,093 yards (unless Thomas Jones signs with a new team) is under contract through 2013, with base salaries of $7 million this year and next year.

Jackson also addressed his views on the expected role of rookie running back Isaiah Pead, the current status of the receiving depth chart in St. Louis, and Jackson’s belief that he can play well pas the age of 30 (he turned 29 on Sunday).

We’ll post snippets and the full segment later today.  Until then, you can catch the entire show by clicking the box on the right rail.

17 responses to “Steven Jackson says he’s working on a retirement contract with the Rams

  1. I’ve always like Steven Jackson. Seems like a really good guy. I had hoped the Steelers would have drafted him.

  2. Would be in the conversation of Top 5 backs of all time if he played 16 games a season. When he’s healthy, no one runs harder, faster and better than Jackson in the league today.

  3. I feel bad for Jackson. Probably the greatest squandering of talent in the NFL in my memory. Playing so well for so long for one of the worst losing streaks of a team ever. Can’t believe how mediocre the team has been during his terrific run.

  4. As a Rams fan, I’d love to see Steven stay for the rest of his career. He’s been one of the very few bright spots for the better part of a decade, and he brings it every week, regardless of team record. With that said, if he did eventually leave, I would understand. I watch every Rams game, and at times it’s tough to see him out there giving 100% and being on the losing end of the scoreboard so often.

    Great player and a great guy who has represented the city of St. Louis and Rams fans well since the first time he put on a Rams uniform.

  5. I love his Nike Pro Combat commercial…

    Good guy. Great player.

    He’s one of those guys that you feel bad for, for not getting a ring, or even getting the chance.

  6. There’s some bitter irony in the fact that SJ wanted to be “like Barry” when he grew up.

  7. This guy right here can play ball. I firmly believe if he played for a contending team with an o-line. He would have been in the same league as AP. I’m shocked no one ever tried to trade for this guy. He could’ve put teams in the superbowl.

  8. To think… the Bengals could have had Jackson, but traded out of their draft slot with the Rams. The Rams took Jackson, and the Bengals took Chris Perry.

    Advantage Rams.

  9. kevpft says:Jul 24, 2012 1:14 PM

    I feel bad for Jackson. Probably the greatest squandering of talent in the NFL in my memory.

    I suppose you don’t remember Walter Payton then? The Bears only became competitive at the very end of Walter’s career with the exception of a surprising 10-6 finish in 1979.

  10. It’s not over yet. Steven still has a few years left and the Rams have their first real HC since DV left (not the “next up and coming hot coordinator”) who knows how to get it done. I already see major improvements and training camp hasn’t even started yet. Steven can get his ring, stranger things have happened. Remember the Greatest Show on Turf went from worst to first in ’99.

  11. He seems like he should be older (than just turning 29). Jackson still looks like he can play, though, and I don’t think $7M per year over the next two is too much for him.

  12. The Cowboys passed on this guy in favor of trading back, which essentially turned into Julius Jones and Marcus Spears (the following year). The 2007 year in which they went 13-3 always sticks out to me because of how loaded they were. If Jackson was on that team they probably win it all.

  13. One of the most selfless running backs in history. All-Pro talent on consistently bad teams. Though he does have his share of injuries, he has still put up seven consecutive 1,000 yard seasons. That in itself is most impressive considering my Rams were usually playing catch up in most of those games. He has been the focus of every teams defense for the past 6+ years. He rarely complains, signed a major contract extension in 2008 and instead of dropping off like so many Rb’s do when they get a big pay raise he stepped up his game. Stud only begins to define this guy.

  14. Warning to Rams fans don’t get your hopes up just yet, saying he wants to retire with a team and it actually happening are two different things. Rams will trade him for a pack of twizzlers if they thought the twizzlers would get them to the playoffs and on the reverse end Jackson might want some compensation money for being shackled to a loosing team that the Rams might think is better used on younger players that aren’t as banged up.

    Remember… Peyton Hillis said last season that he wanted to retire a Cleveland Brown too.

  15. I wonder if the Rams now wish they traded that 2nd pick to Cleveland, Trent Richardson could have been theirs….

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