The Patriots take second in the Preseason Power Rankings

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According to our Preseason Power Rankings, the Patriots start the year in the same place they finished the last one.

That would be second, for those of you who can’t remember back to that February night in Indianapolis. After a busy offseason centered on revitalizing the defense, the Patriots still look like the class of the AFC and there’s plenty of reason to think that the road to New Orleans won’t go through New England this season.

You might disagree with our preview, however, and think that we’ve put the Patriots too high on the list. If that’s the case, let us know in the poll below. Or let us know that we got it right since we’re interested in hearing every voice as we wind down the space-filling portion of the offseason and get ready for the return of actual football.

9 responses to “The Patriots take second in the Preseason Power Rankings

  1. They shouldn’t be higher than the team that beat them twice last year, including winning the most important game of them all.

  2. As a Giants fan I could argue based on last year they shouldn’t be higher then the Giants but I think with these rankings you have to look at the upcoming year.

    The Patriots play such an easy schedule. The AFC East is not very good, the NFC West has only one legit team in San Fran and the AFC South only has Houston.

    In every game the Patriots will be favored simply because they have the better QB. Only one game this year will they play against a team with a QB close to Brady and that will be against Denver.

    I don’t see the Pats finishing any worse then 12-4. I think 13-3 is probably where they finish.

  3. That would apply to Green Bay too, right?

    Should each and every defending champ be ranked #1 going into the next year regardless of what transpired during the off season?

  4. “They shouldn’t be higher than the team that beat them twice last year, including winning the most important game of them all.”

    Well part of winning the Super Bowl is getting to the Super Bowl, and the Patriots will have an easier time than the Giants because the AFC doesn’t have as many good teams.

  5. As long as the Patriots have Brady and play in the AFC East they will make the playoffs with a first round bye and home field advantage and have a good shot at the Super Bowl.

  6. I mean, you guys realize that these rankings are for the UPCOMING season, right? Last season has almost nothing to do with the outlook for the season ahead of us… Guess what? Nobody cares that the Giants were the Champions last year. Except, of course, Giants fans.

  7. Giants lost (handily) to the Skins twice last year, so clearly with that and RGIII Skins should rank ahead of the G-Men.

  8. The Giants lost their tight ends, Manningham, Jacobs etc. Nicks and Bradshaw were both injured for a while last year and appear to be prone to injury. They will have issues if that happens again this year. The Giants are still good, but they aren’t #1 on paper going into 2012 regardless of them winning the Superbowl last year.

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