To no surprise, no settlement in bounty cases


The parties involved in the lawsuits filed in connection with the bounty suspensions gathered in New Orleans on Monday for a court-ordered settlement conference.

After roughly three hours, they dispersed without a settlement, according to Ryan Jones of the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

Per Jones, only Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma (pictured) and Saints defensive end Will Smith attended the event in person.  Packers defensive end Anthony Hargrove and Browns linebacker Scott Fujita weren’t present, and neither NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell nor anyone else directly involved in the investigation was there.

Plenty of lawyers showed up, with their billable-hours meters running at full blast.  Jones reports that nine lawyers were involved in the proceedings.

Typically, court-order mediation efforts do not mandate that the named parties attend, as long as the lawyers or some other representative have full authority to settle the case — which typically means that the lawyers show up with a mandated, pre-determined offer from which they have no ability or authority to deviate.

And so, in two days, Vilma will return to court in connection with his attempt to block the suspension pending the outcome of the litigation seeking to overturn the suspension.

4 responses to “To no surprise, no settlement in bounty cases

  1. Vilma I hope you receive the fair justice that you deserve. You have always been a class act and a great leader. Never change who you are. You are Saint for life no matter what.

  2. @saintsfaninfla


    The NFL- who suspended and then upheld the suspensions on appeal (which the merit of the process is debatable)- didn’t show up because they are obviously wrong for working through the process that was collectively bargained for…

    and the players (only half of whom showed up) are definitely in the right, even though their most prevalent arguments are (and I’m paraphrasing here): 1) This process that we have minimally taken part in is a sham- even if a collectively bargained (and agreed to) sham- and 2) Goodell is a douche.

    Yup, sounds about right

  3. In my view I truly believe Roger Goodell and the NFL could not have handle this bounty issue with the players any worse than they have. At every step it appears they are intent on inforcing penalty, not finding the truth. I can only think they have a backroom agenda none of us have any idea about.
    That being said…I just read an article regarding the NFL and the ref’s and the loss of integrity in the game with the possible replacements. I’m starting to feel a little for the commissioner, there really is no peace in this job. Lawsuits, strikes and likely most of the NFL players dislike and distrust him…..except for the compensation, not exactly a dream job!

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