Brian Waters doesn’t report to Pats camp, doesn’t say why


Veteran guard Brian Waters isn’t reporting to Patriots camp, but he isn’t saying much about why not.

The Patriots reported Wednesday, but Waters wasn’t among them, and even a conversation with him didn’t shed much light.

“I’m not really talking about it, you’ll have to talk to the Patriots about it,” Waters told Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe. “At this moment, I’m not really discussing the situation. Right now I’m just handling things between me and the team. If they want to talk to you, that’s fine but I’m not really talking about it.

“You’re just going to have to talk to the team. I’m allowing them to handle all the media stuff right now. We’re going to do it this way, because it’s the best way to do it.”

OK then.

Waters agent didn’t comment either, and the Patriots haven’t said anything. So there’s not a lot of information at the moment.

Waters was excused from the mandatory minicamp with what were termed “personal reasons,” and didn’t attend any of the offseason workouts.

Bedard wondered if the absence of a hint at retirement (like the one after the Super Bowl) might mean Waters just doesn’t want to go through the drudgery of training camp.

The 35-year-old started all 16 games for the Patriots after signing on Sept. 4, 2011, so it’s not as if camp is a necessity for him like it is for younger players.

9 responses to “Brian Waters doesn’t report to Pats camp, doesn’t say why

  1. We don’t need him in camp for him to be successful. If they decide that it’s better for him not to be in camp than to be in camp, at 35, that’s fine.

  2. Problems with Waters, Voellmer out, Light gone, Mankins out, Conners and Koppen fighting for center. New LT. The O line could be the Pats Achilles heel this year. Good weapons don’t matter if your QB is on his back.

  3. probably treated him like they treated welker. once brady’s gone no one’s going to want to play there. who wants to work for an employer that treats you like trash?

  4. Waters will report when he’s told to report. SeaBass will be ready, but will most likely miss time when he hurts his back again. Solder, will end up being an upgrade from Light by the end of the season. Mankins will be ready, and has been running in practices. The competition between Koppen and Connolly is a good thing. you people need to learn a bit more about the “Patriot Way” before opining so far off the mark; read between the lines with Belichik colored glasses.

  5. I expect the problem is he expected to be a reserve last year and played all the games being compensated at little more than reserve/minimum money. This year he is slated to make $1.4 mil. I expect being used in a reserve role, that might be enough, but as a probowl level stater player, he wants more than that. He will retire before he gives his services away another year.

  6. “gives his services away”? He signed a contract.

    Also, there’s been no mention of any holdout or any bad blood between Waters and the team, so I don’t understand the speculation that focuses on those reasons alone. There could be some personal reasons that is keeping Waters back home.

  7. he is taking camp off, just like he did last year. They wont admit it because it would piss off other veterans. He will be there by the end of camp.

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