Browns’ Josh Gordon admits he lied about failed drug test at Utah


Shortly after the Browns selected him with a second-round pick in the supplemental draft, receiver Josh Gordon claimed he hadn’t failed a drug test during his brief stint at Utah. Gordon now admits he was lying when he said that.

Yeah, there was a failed test,” Gordon told the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

The failed drug test at Utah was the third of his college career. He previously had two at Baylor before getting kicked out of school there. He now says his drug use is behind him.

“Coming out here, I have a new experience, a new foundation to get started and I don’t really plan on looking back in the past anymore. I only look toward my future,” Gordon said. “I’m definitely a changed person. The things that happened were such a long time ago and the fact that there’s this many people in such a prestigious organization like this, putting their jobs and their necks out on the line for a guy like me, it says a lot about them and their character.”

And it doesn’t say a lot about Gordon’s character that he couldn’t be honest about his drug use.

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  1. Wow this gets worse and worse…and with the recent transfers Baylor has accepted, it makes you wonder what it takes to get booted from there

  2. How do we know he isnt lying about telling the truth now? When you have a reputation as a liar it is hard for anyone to take anything you say seriously.

  3. ” The things that happened were such a long time ago…” Does the lie he told about the failed drug test in Utah qualify as “a long time ago?”

  4. Could be worse…he could be breaking the law NOW. Theres plenty of that going on in cities other than Cleveland.

  5. Does anyone see this move as the one moment that will be pointed out over and over again at the end of H&H’s tenure in Cleveland? I think this year’s draft and this move put them on the hot seat!

  6. @tndiver no one’s on the hot seat over a 2nd round WR. If Weeden absolutely flops, you may have a case for the end of an era, but certainly not over Gordon. That’s just silly.

  7. The decision to draft him sure isn’t looking good right now. Drug user, liar … yeah, a guy like that ought to help the Browns turn it around. It’s way too early to give up on him, of course. Some people do learn from their mistakes. But an awfully lot of people DON’T learn from them. I don’t know that I like this guy’s chances of being one who learns.

  8. Let’s see….he doesn’t:

    Have a DWI/DUI

    Do crack/heroin/cocaine

    Smack around his wife/girlfriend/mother

    Act like the world owes him a living.

    Yeah, you guys are right….he won’t make it in the NFL…..LOL

  9. Setting aside the habitual marijuana use in the face of a known drug testing regimen, can you imagine having to explain such a lie to a prospective employer during an interview for any sort of professional job garnering a salary around $100k?

    I know ordinary professionalism does not apply in the NFL and other sports leagues. My only point is that the Browns under Heckert have basically put all their eggs into the Richardson/Weeden/Gordon draft class — in the deepest division in the league. I think the risk with Weeden and Gordon is unacceptable; reminds me of the Flynn draft under Crennel: clutching at straws.

  10. Was he lying then or is he lying now or has he always been a liar……my guess, it comes natural to him.

  11. He was screwed either way — if he admitted to the third failed drug test, everybody would be writing “three strikes and you’re out!” and other stupid responses.

    His reason for lying was likely that he didn’t want to deal with more negativity. Unfortunately, that’s what he has to deal with now.

  12. Gotta love all the sanctimonious fans who mock this dude but cheer for teams with guys who have done stuff way worse than this.

  13. watchfullhose says:
    Jul 25, 2012 8:41 PM
    Could be worse…he could be breaking the law NOW. Theres plenty of that going on in cities other than Cleveland.

     I disagree there’s nothing worse than living in Cleveland and playing for the Frowns.

  14. Plenty of guys smoked when playing college ball and are clean now in the NFL so I’m waiting to reserve judgement on Gordon. I think if he can put it behind him he’ll have a productive stint with the browns.

  15. well the good news is that they wont have to wait 18 months to realize their second round pick sucks from the next years draft.. he is already ahead of the curve

  16. He lied about failing a test for using a drug that arguably shouldn’t be illegal anyway.

    If he’s been using something other than weed, that would be a whole different story.

    Now that he’s a pro, he needs to put the bowl down.

    As for the lie, there are certain things you don’t ask if you don’t want to be lied to. Such as “did you smoke pot in college” and “does this dress make me look fat.”

  17. lowerprovidencewarriors says:Jul 25, 2012 9:50 PM

    reminds me of the Flynn draft under Crennel: clutching at straws.

    Oh yes, that Flynn draft class…LOL

    I assume you mean Brady QUINN (not Flynn). Please tell me more about these Browns draft classes that you know so much about. Perhaps you could break down the 2010 draft for us, when the Browns took Joe Biden with the #7 pick.

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