Chargers release Tra Thomas from reserve/retired list

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Last week, the Chargers released guard Kris Dielman from the reserve/retired list in a move that initially appeared to be the first step toward a comeback but more likely reflected an attempt by the team to wash their hands of Dielman before he files a concussion lawsuit.

This week, the Chargers have release tackle Tra Thomas from the reserve/retired list.  The obvious question is whether the Chargers are making the move because Thomas has filed or will be filing a concussion lawsuit.

Thomas never appeared in a regular-season game with the Chargers.  He spent 11 seasons with the Eagles and one with the Jaguars before joining the Chargers in 2010 and retiring in August of that year.

5 responses to “Chargers release Tra Thomas from reserve/retired list

  1. How would releasing him from the retired list affect the team’s status in any concussion lawsuit? I’m not being a wise-ass, I just don’t understand.

  2. It’s a clumsy P.R. move. They don’t want him on the books in any way if he is suing.

  3. Mike, why would you choose to characterize these moves as clumsy? It has been previously reported Dielman’s legal representation initiated these moves to position their client for further legal action. It would appear, Thomas has chosen to follow this course, as well. Suggesting the Chargers are “washing their hands of Dielman” appears to misrepresent the actual, proper course of action triggered by the legal entities involved, in order to arrive at a suitable financial resolution. Not defending the Chargers – their continued association with Dr. Chow certainly deserves further scrutiny. Could you be anymore forthright? For now, you just seem bitter.

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