Colts ink Fleener, finishing up draft class


The first post-Peyton draft class in Indy is now fully in the fold.

Stanford tight end Coby Fleener, a second-round pick and former (and current) teammate of No. 1 overall selection Andrew Luck, has agreed to terms.

The teams announced the deal Wednesday night.

Camp for the Colts opens on Saturday.

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  1. I know, People are expecting the colts to win a couple of games this year. I’m fine with that, but this team has an opportunity to grow together, and in a year, will be making noise! If they start to get chemistry, watch out…. Maybe not this year, as a realist, but could see a team that goes from 4-12 to 12-4 within a year. No, luck isn’t Peyton manning, but I would take him hands down over 80% of the current NFL starting quarterbacks. Unless your team name is patriots, giants,lions, saints, or packers. This Luck kid is the real deal, and will show it……..

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