Diaper-changing Drew Brees brings stability to Saints camp


What the New Orleans Saints need for the next few months is a little normal.

And quarterback Drew Brees can certainly tell them what that’s like.

After signing a five-year, $100 million contract recently, Brees celebrated by doing some laundry and changing diapers.

“That was pretty much standard operation every day during the offseason,” Brees said Tuesday. “So nothing changed. I didn’t jump up and down. I didn’t do anything. Was I excited [the contract] was done? Was it a relief? Yes.

“But other than that I had the same mindset every day. I was preparing as if I was here or as if I was getting ready to go to work at any moment. So the mindset was never swayed in any way. It was always the same.”

Brees joined his teammates for the first time Tuesday, after staying away all offseason until the contract was finalized. In his absence, their offseason was presided over by an interim coach and an interim quarterback.

Now, the Saints have to get to work, and try to compartmentalize the bounty scandal and ensuing suspensions, and getting Brees back is the first step they had to take.

“He’s certainly the greatest player that I’ve been around, and I’m going on 34 years [in the NFL],” interim coach Joe Vitt said. “This is a player whose character and integrity outweigh his playmaking ability.

“We certainly would miss a guy like Drew Brees in the OTAs with his ability to get the team in and out of the huddle and stressing the defense with his throws. But more than anything else, we all just missed the person. And he missed being here.”

Brees said he was excited about the season despite the cloud that’s hung over the organization all offseason, and is trying to keep from putting too much pressure on himself to make up for the absence of coach Sean Payton.

“It’s easy for us all to say, ‘Hey, we have to pick up all this slack, maybe put this undue pressure on ourselves,’ ” Brees said. “The fact of the matter is the pieces have been put in place in this organization since ’06 to withstand anything that would come our way.

“It would be easy for us to sit here and want to lump too much of that pressure on us with Sean’s absence. But in the end, it really is about doing your job and fulfilling your role and focusing on the process, and then knowing that the result will take care of itself if you can just do that.”

That “do your job,” mantra was given to them by Payton on his way out the door. And when the quarterback’s standing there talking about dirty diapers, it creates the kind of atmosphere the Saints need, as they try to get back to football.

8 responses to “Diaper-changing Drew Brees brings stability to Saints camp

  1. Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Matt Hasselbeck, Tim Tebow, Aaron Rodgers, Eli Manning, and youngsters like RG III and Jake Locker.

    What do they have in common? Men of character, integrity, and leadership. I’d welcome any of them on my team in a heartbeat. Guys like that can change the tone of a locker room.

  2. Not sure too many guys have ever lost more respect in an offseason without commiting a crime than this guy did. Didn’t particularly like him before, but man did he make himself look like an ass most of this offseason And now he gets to wipe asses all season long. Ironic to say the least.

  3. Haters will hate. But no fan of any team minus 1-2 teams…would pass having Brees as your QB. It isnt possible so you will lie to yourself and say you don’t like him.

    But it is just hating. Remember during the CBA negotiations. You all hated him because he made the comment that it isn’t the current players responsibility, to cover the bad business decisions ex-players made with their money at the time. EVERYONE thought he was the anti-christ for saying such a thing. How dare he…tell the truth!!! Now, all of you complain about the ex-players as being greedy because 3000 of them have joined a lawsuit against the NFL trying to get paid. She basically, it is ok for you to call ex-players as opportunistic…but how dare Drew Brees do it!!!

    Then the haters hated him for sitting out OTAs. How dare a player, who the last time they were under a franchise tag, had what many thought was a career ending injury. Arguably the best QB in the league. The QB who broke multiple QB records last season. That guy should just shut up and play…right. He doesn’t deserve career security that comes with a long term contract. Just shut up and play for whatever they tell you to. Right? Wrong…that makes no sense for the player. Brees did what he had to do to earn long term security. ANY other top player would have done the same.

    Then you hated him because he didn’t throw his teammates under the bus. Because he didn’t just confess to the entire “Bounty Program” and how the Saints were just a bunch of cheaters. Remember back then, when no journalists were asking the tough questions. When all of you thought every Saints player and fan had made a pact to lie together and hope for the best. Well as the lack of evidence comes out, so does the opinion of many players, journalists and fans that the whole “Bounty Program” was most likely exaggerated by the league all along and that the evidence ONLY shows a pay for performance system. The same system that is in the majority of every other NFL locker room. So I’m sure Drew is sorry he didn’t lie for you and tell you about how he chipped in 20K for illegal hits to other QBs, I’m sure he is sorry he didn’t throw his teammates under the bus for you.

    I’ll take my QB just the way he is…and you can keep hoping you QB who throws as many INTs as TDs…starts to watch tape on how Brees does what he does.

  4. Perfectly stated, darthsaint. It’s amazing how the haters have jumped on every perceived misstep by the Saints in the off season, hoping their chances this year would be derailed from the start. They must be Falcon and Vikings fans…

  5. To hate on this guy is like hating on Mother Teresa. Regardless of what ‘statements’ he has made regarding any bounty or contract-related are a complete wash. This guy comes up with MILLIONS of dollars for the community of NOLA every year. MILLIONS. A whole generation of children in NOLA are growing up with funded schools, play grounds, and specialty health care otherwise not given to someone in their financial situation. He is worth 100’s of PFT posters in donations made to charities. Come back to the real world sometime guys, and think about what is really important.

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