George Martin sues NFL for concussions

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In May, George Martin resigned as the head of NFL Alumni, a former-player advocacy group that was criticized at times for being tied too closely to the NFL.  Less than three months later, Martin has sued the NFL for concussions, according to Paul Anderson of

Though it’s unknown whether Martin quit so that he could sue or whether he sued only after being forced out (or, in theory, whether there’s no connection at all), the development highlights the relative lack of concussion lawsuits from former players who are connected to the NFL Machine.

Other than NFL Network’s Brian Baldinger, no former player who either works for the league-owned media properties or one of the NFL’s major media partners has sued for concussions.  As more and more former players file suit, the absence of former players who work in the media and who had well-documented concussion problems, like Troy Aikman (who works for FOX) and Steve Young (who works of ESPN), becomes more glaring.

The decision of former players who are tied to the NFL Machine to refrain from suing isn’t a surprise; it’s never wise to bite the hand that still feeds.  In a roundabout way, however, it makes the players who are suing potentially come off as merely wanting to get more food from the hand that previously fed.

As the list of former players suing the league grows, the total number of players who are actually fine but who are trying to get some extra compensation from an ultra-deep pocket necessarily grows, too.  The men who are truly injured should resent the fact that gravy-trainers are potentially undermining the collective effort.

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  1. I can’t see identifying any of these people as gravy trainers. If they’re allowed on the train, then they deserve to ride on it just like anyone else. There motive for suing is irrelevant. I don’t care if they are just milking it. I would think if someone has no basis for suing they will be weeded out as the process goes on. But the fact is the facts in this case remain sealed. So we really have no business but just waiting and seeing where this goes. I can tell you one piece of evidence that exists already. The NFL never conducted one study or put one ounce of their gold into finding out what was going on with all these former players suffering neurological symptoms after football. It’s negligence in itself. They study what fans will pay for concessions, how turf effects injuries, how much money they will make in the coming future. But never thought to do a study on the effects of repeated head trauma to it’s athletes. It’s not a matter of when did the medical community inform the NFL. It’s a matter of why didn’t the NFL seek the help of the medical community when it was obvious there was some kind of problem. Why did they choose to ignore

  2. I played little league football and suffered a concussion. The only reason I played little league was because of the NFL. Can I sue the NFL too?

  3. Most players are genuinely suffering from the effects of concussions and other injuries to the neck, back, knees. However, it seems there are several other former players who are looking at a payday.

    Since the NFL refused to talk to the former players about increasing their pension or provide more medical benefits, they are just using another means to get money: lawsuits. The NFL could have prevented this.

  4. I swear this is getting so pathetic.Now when you enter the NFL they should make you sign a contract that if you have a concussion that you cannot sue the NFL.The player chose this career and should have known that concussions were apart of the game.

  5. If you go to war and get shot do you sue the government? No, because this is what you signed up for. You know it’s dangerous and there is risk. Not comparing football players to soldiers because it’s no comparison. These lawsuits are pathetic though.

  6. I would like to know how many of these guys filing suit are broke. I would think some of these guys are just looking for a payday.

  7. The game will be a shell of itself in 10 years. Thanks NFL alumni. More baby boomers thinking about themselves.

  8. So he runs the NFL Alumni into the ground with gross mismanagement, squandering over $4 million in NFL loans and the explanation is “hey, NFL it’s actually all YOUR fault. I was concussed”

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