Jags owner Shad Khan says no new deal for Maurice Jones-Drew

No one seems to know whether Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew is coming to camp or not.

But Jags owner Shad Khan said in unmistakeable terms that the veteran back isn’t getting the new contract he wants.

Khan told Vito Stellino of the Florida Times-Union there are no plans to give him a new deal.

There’s no decision here,” Khan said. “It’s his choice. There’s been very little for us to do rather than wait on whatever he might choose to do.”

Asked if he had made a decision by not giving Jones-Drew the new deal he wants, Khan replied: “There’s more than 50 players under contract. There are other people under contract in management, coaches. Does that mean if you do it for one, you do it for everybody? Where do you draw the line?”

Jones-Drew has two years left on the five-year, $31 million deal he signed in 2008. He led the league in rushing last year and wants a new deal in light of contracts given to Matt Forte and Ray Rice, but it doesn’t sound like Khan’s budging.

Jones-Drew skipped the entire offseason, and hasn’t had any contact with coach Mike Mularkey.

If he doesn’t show, they can fine him $30,000 a day.

We’ll find out soon how serious Jones-Drew is, as the Jaguars report to camp tomorrow.

30 responses to “Jags owner Shad Khan says no new deal for Maurice Jones-Drew

  1. I can’t blame MJD for trying to get a new deal, but he doesn’t have the leverage here. He still has two years on his contract. If he holds out, it does no one any good. This is very bad timing with a new owner, coach and fan base that wants something good to happen. He felt slighted when drafted in the second round…he showed us.. but he can’t rest on his laurels. He needs to show up, play well and work toward getting a deal next year.

  2. Good for you Khan. It’s time these athletes know that a contract is really worth something. I know others will agree that owners can terminate contracts whenever they want. We also must note that is why most good players have guaranteed money in their contract.

  3. I’m not a fan of MJD. I think he’s immature at best but there’s no denying his talent and production. The fact is with his size, age and position he plays no owner will give him a new contract.

  4. Jones-Drew is being a fool here. If this was the last “lame duck” year of his deal like Rice and Forte, I would be fie with him protecting himself until an extension was done but this chump just signed a new deal not long ago and now wants to rip it up because he had a great year on one of the worst teams in the NFL. The Jags are right to say no and frankly aren’t going anywhere this year regardless if Jones-Drew plays or not. He has zero leverage in this deal and will only hurt himself by holding out.

  5. Khan is about to learn that star players in the NFL run the show. They don’t care about the fines because those will be forgotten if a new contract is signed. They will show up with a bad attitude and become and cancer and you only have two choices, redo the contract or trade them.

  6. When he signed that contract it was one of the best at that time! Times have changed and with the way running backs are devalued right now, he should take the money he signed for and honor that contract. It sure doesn’t look like he’s getting a new one and may not get another one period! Better to have $31 mil than to be fined $30k a day; unless he pulls a Barry Sanders!

  7. God forbid a talented player hit free agency and really cash in. By holding out for an extension, isn’t a player basically admitting they don’t think they will be worth much by the time their contract is over, effectively incentivizing the team to not give them an extension?

  8. Well, MJD you are officially screwed. The owner isn’t budging and probably won’t be inclined to trade you either. It’s not fair that NFL teams can cut a player for underperforming but when he overperforms they aren’t inclined to do anything but that is the system as it is set up. 30k a day will cost. When his contract runs out in two years he is unlikely to get another chance at big money so I don’t blame him for doing this now, but the team is playing the hard road. I wonder if he would have gotten anything had he come to camp and played the good soldier.

  9. This is the dumbest hold out we have had yet. He in no way deserves a new deal. What should every good player hold out once their deal is lesser than the current free agents. In two years when QBs are getting 23 million a year should Brees hold out?

  10. Fine him the 30K a day and see if that changes his mind, 10 days = 300K, um…. I wouldn’t give up 1 day..!

  11. When will teams and players avoid unnecessary grandstanding and shenanigans. Wars end around a table. Fella, learn how to sit down and talk.

  12. MJD = Barry Sanders 2.0

    Dont pay him or trade him and he will retire before he keeps beating up his body losing for the Lions..opps, i mean the Jags

  13. He wont hold out the whole season. If he did it wouldnt so him any good cause the year wouldnt count. And hed still have 2 years left on his contract.

  14. That’s a smart move by Wario.

    MJD really has no leverage because it’s not like the Jags were winning with him. Great running backs are nice to have, but no team with a top 5 rusher has won the Super Bowl since the ’99 Rams, and if you think of the top running backs in football (Peterson, Johnson, MJD, etc.), they often play on crappy teams. In other words, only foolish teams overpay running backs because if you have a good quarterback, you can get by with “just a guy” as your running back. If you have a good running back with no quarterback, you’re pretty much screwed.

  15. They should have let him play out his last contract considering this. That way he would have made 500k the last year instead of the 9MM bonus they handed him. Ungrateful little brat.

  16. I am never a fan of a player who holds out unless they are a rookie that has out played their rookie contract, but holding out for more money when you are already a millionaire is quite selfish if you ask me…NFL players act like its their right to get a new contract and forget that its a privilege. In a couple weeks every college program will open camp for the fall that’s a lot of players who have every ambition to just make it to a NFL camp one day, they aren’t even thinking bout the money yet and to think he was one of those kids trying to make it and yu wanna hold out cause yu not making more millions than yu already make wn yu was a broke college athlete were no one cud even give yu a soda without it being a NCAA infraction get real man.. I like the saying next man up…. Java shud cut him and find another cause its ample amount out there you just have to find.them

  17. MJD is in a bad situation. It’s not like Ray Rice’s, where the Ravens are Super Bowl contenders and they NEED him. The Jaguars can go 4-12 just as easily without him as with him. I’d do the same thing as Khan.

  18. MJD wanted the long-term security and the ego of having one of the then largest contracts. He received it and now is whining because the upfront money is gone and he has to abide by the last few years. Sorry, like Revis, Lance Briggs, Osi, I have zero sympathy for MJD. If you can’t stand the fact that market conditions for your position has caught up with your salary, then maybe you should only sign 2 or 3 year deals.

    If I buy a laptop, I don’t start whining that the store screwed me over when a new model comes out 6 months later.

  19. “covercorner says: Jul 25, 2012 5:29 PM

    If MJD tears an ACL the Jags will not honor his contract. Without MJD the jags will be 0-16. Can the tarps cover every seat in the stadium?”

    I don’t think its a clause in ya contract that says ya contract is terminated if yu blow your knee out. Last I checked a contract is a legal document, so both parties must abide by it

  20. I kinda agree that players should honor their contracts, but the owners never do, given that, it’s hard to expect the players to as well. Plus he is the face of your franchise that repeatedly suceeds with the boxed stacked against the run.

  21. There’s little sympathy for MJD in right-winged NE Florida. People there don’t seem to understand that sometimes the “right” business decission is wrong for football. I wouldn’t argue that there is a legal and binding contract in place, but there’s also the reality of the situation. Jones-Drew is the only member of the Jacksonville roster who would start on any team in the NFL. There are Jacksonville players who could start on other second tier teams, but wouldn’t even be bench-warmers on top tier teams. If the front office isn’t smart enough to understand this, they don’t deserve the likes of Jones-Drew at any price.

  22. At first, I was all ready to slam MJD for the nerve of asking for a new deal with 2012 and 2013 still to be played out on his contract. However, after looking up his salary in year 4 and 5, he’s to make $4.45mil this year and $4.95 in 2013.

    The Jaguars would be wise to extend him NOW and thus lower his cap number. Cap hits are always heavier in the last two years of a back-loaded deal.

    Extending him on that premise would make too much sense…that is unless the team is looking past MJD and may try to trade him and sign a younger and cheaper RB option to hold them to the next draft?

  23. I sold my house two years ago for $418k.
    The house next door just sold for $431k.
    I’ve contacted my buyer and demanded a new contract.
    Think I’ll get it?

  24. themars211 says:
    Jul 25, 2012 6:59 PM
    I kinda agree that players should honor their contracts, but the owners never do,
    B-S. Teams routinely enter contract negotiations and routinely sign players before a contract is up. They usually do it on the last year. The ones that do not get that type of deal are the players that are on the decline or may no longer fit the future scheme.

    A prime example of the false assertion that owners do not honor contracts or reward players for good performance: Rob Gronkowski. He signed a 4 year deal in 2010. The Patriots initiated contract negotiations this year and signed him to a 6 year extension. Please note that the owner/team did this after only 2 years of a 4 year deal. Why? Because the team knows Gronk will continue to be a valuable asset. The Jaguars can’t say the same about MJD. He has played great but he has been paid well. History says it is dumb to pay him big money because he is likely about to decline. MJD needs to get over himself. This owner is gaining respect very quickly.

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