Jason Garrett suggests Dez Bryant needs counseling


Anyone who’s been arrested for grabbing his mother by the hair and slapping her probably comes from a dysfunctional family, and people from dysfunctional families can benefit from counseling. So it makes sense that Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett says receiver Dez Bryant could benefit from counseling.

Garrett said Wednesday that the Cowboys are ready to assist Bryant in seeking counseling, and hoping he takes the help that’s offered to him.

“We believe we have as good of a players’ assistance program in all of professional sports,” Garrett said, via the San Antonio Express-News. “We believe it’s really, really important to help our players in every way that we can. We’re well-staffed in that area. We believe in counseling for people who need it. We try to do that for all of our players. Dez will be a part of that and we just want to help him. We have great resources. We embrace the opportunity to help him.”

Garrett said he has been in regular contact with Bryant since he was charged with a Class A misdemeanor family violence, and he’ll continue to lend a hand as Bryant deals with the issue.

“First and foremost, we support Dez Bryant’s family,” Garrett said. “We support Dez. We support his mom. We want to help them in anyway we can. We have the resources to do that. He needs to feel the support. He needs to feel the support from us – the Dallas Cowboys organization, the coaches, the players, the staff. We are a close-knit team. We are a team that wants to support people on our team. We want to support our family. Dez is part of our family. We are going to help him in any way we can.”

Bryant may not end up facing any charges because his mom doesn’t want him to be prosecuted. Garrett is hoping that with counseling, another issue like this won’t arise with Bryant again.

27 responses to “Jason Garrett suggests Dez Bryant needs counseling

  1. Counseling only works if you want to change and actually think there is a reason to change. I have a funny feeling that Dez isn’t going to be too serious about changing.
    Every Cowboy fan hopes I’m wrong!

  2. No matter tony romo will be at every therapy session because after all he has his teammates back no matter what. Friends through thick and thin friend to the end!

  3. Gee coach Clouseau what gave you the clue? Was it the DUI’s, the assaults, or the general anti-societal behavior? With this kind of insight we should be looking for big things from the ‘Boys.

  4. There it is. Being a good citizen and respecting the law or authority starts at home. It’s sad that children are brought into this world by people who have no business raising a child. For Dez’s sake and for society who has to deal with his future criminal transgressions that he gets some counseling. This includes his brother and mother.

  5. To think Jeff Ireland was worried about how Dez would react if somebody made fun of his mother. As a Cowboys fan I was rooting for a suspension and am disappointed his mom was persuaded not to press charges. This has become the National Felon’s League.

  6. There is no denying, that Dez and his family are trash. It’s just that simple. Black trash, white trash, it’s all the same. Plain ol’ trash. I say this as a Cowboys fan.

  7. This conclusion came after the Cowboy reviewed statistics, research, expert opinions and…oh…the fact that he pushed his mom and pulled her hair.

  8. Getoffmylawn! says:
    “Every Cowboy fan hopes I’m wrong!”
    Yep, I’m one of them fans. But I don’t think he will be receptive to that suggestion. Besides the whole family needs the counseling. Who knows maybe he (they) will. If not now then later in jail.

  9. He doesn’t need counseling. He needs to be suspended from football, get his due process and serve the sentence that the judge gives him. Either that, or start a reality show called ” ( The Real ) Family Fued “.

  10. Wow all this cowboy hate, he has never been arrested before this incident people! His mom is not pressing charges and the D. A. Is not going to pick up the case because Angela Bryant is not injured! NONE of the other men on our roster have been arrested unlike your teams who have more drunks than we can shake a stick at. But with hate comes jealousy, I understand that your teams will never have the tradition and magnificence of THE Dallas Cowboys! Stupid hillbillies!

  11. Well surprise, surprise. Dez is causing problems–again. What are we going to do now?

    Just like in the school classroom, good upbringing, respect and values comes from the family unit, not the teacher. It’s refreshing to see that many more coaches and GM’s are weighing negative character traits very seriously in their personnel decisions. Dez’s situation, to me, is another example of why teams should place character at the top of decision making along with experience, athleticism, football smarts etc.

    As long as teams continue to take the gamble on college athletes with serious character flaws, we will continue to read about these events and continue to shake our heads.

    Plus, as Florio will agree, it makes for good press when there’s nothing else to talk about. Feed those Cowboy hater I say!!

  12. Wow, a water is wet reference fantastic! Up next the world is round and the sky is blue. Anyone??

  13. What a creepy culture this Jerry Jones fosters in Dallas. I always wonder how some Ivy League guy ended up entangled with such a shady crew. Jason Garrett is too bright and has too much to offfer to coach restrained by Jerry Jones’ proverbial leash. And he does not deserve to be coaching this guy Bryant who for the good of society should be restrained by a real leash.

  14. If nobody takes a tough stand with this kid. Dez will be just like T.O. The better he gets the more out of control he’ll be.

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