John Fox sees “tremendous improvement” from Peyton Manning


There’s no bigger question heading into the 2012 season than the health of Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, but there’s no question in the mind of Broncos coach John Fox that Manning is ready to go.

Fox said today at the start of Broncos training camp that Manning, who sat out all of last year and had multiple neck procedures, has made big strides in the three months since he signed with the Broncos, and even since the Broncos finished their Organized Team Activities.

“I think, physically, he’s made tremendous improvement,” Fox said of Manning. “I’m not sure I’ve ever been around a player with as intense work ethic, both physically and mentally. So he’s worked very hard. He didn’t take the last five weeks off by any stretch. By all indications he’s made great progress and we’re happy with where he is.”

Fox added that the presence of Manning as the team leader has the Broncos pumped up heading into camp.

“Obviously we’re very excited, and Peyton’s done everything possible both physically and mentally to get ready for this,” Fox said. “I know he’s excited, the rest of our team’s excited. He’s a tremendous competitor and we’re very blessed to have him.”

It’s easy to see why Fox is excited. A healthy Peyton Manning in Denver is as big an addition as any team in the NFL has had this year.

36 responses to “John Fox sees “tremendous improvement” from Peyton Manning

  1. He’s healthy now. Lets see if he stays healthy. We haven’t even played with pads yet.

  2. Im sorry, but my gut tells me he’s finished. In Washington, we’ve heard coachs say: “we’re very pleased where he is.” In reference to our QB’s… NOT good.

    dasportsninja… thats hilarious… im gonna hold you to that. I chugged a red solo cup of parm. Cheese and beer at my last Xmas party, for $56. Nothing is worse than that

  3. Gee, I don’t really recall three months ago anyone saying that he needed to improve tremendously…but OK , I guess tremendous is good even though he didn’t need to get tremendously better. And I think it is tremendous that they are letting us know exactly how he’s doing now. Tremendous.

  4. @ skoobyfl
    The bills have a nice D line but let’s not go calling them the best in the nfl. That honor goes to New York Football Giants. You need to accomplish something as a line before calling your self the best.

  5. pump yr brakes john fox, lets see him get hit by a 300 pound lineman and get up multiple times, before we declare this the 2004 version of peyton

  6. “I think, physically, he’s made tremendous improvement”

    Tremendous Improvement? If that’s true, then he must have been way worse than they said he was when they signed him.

    In other words, Fox is just blowing smoke.

  7. dasportsninja says:
    Jul 25, 2012 9:21 PM
    If Peyton Manning plays more than 4 games this season, I will crap my pants at my work Christmas party in front of my boss and his wife.

    You must eat Chipolte’ before you do it.

  8. If Peyton Manning plays more than 4 games this season, I will crap my pants at my work Christmas party in front of my boss and his wife.


    Jesus….what the hell would you do to see your team win the Super Bowl?

  9. It’s a strange twist….

    Think about it….

    Do teams go after Peyton even harder, knowing he is one good sack away from retirement?

    Or do they show respect and play their same game, and treat him like any other QB?

    My guess is the Raiders go ape s#!% on him…

    And I’m not a Raiders fan

  10. skoobyfl says:
    Jul 25, 2012 9:10 PM
    Except of course Mario Williams making the Buffalo Bills D-line the best in the NFL.


    Giants, 49ers, Eagles, Ravens…. Bills might take a few months to gel.

  11. Never liked Peyton Manning or John Fox. I hope the Broncos crash and burn.


    No room for hate on this blog….

    Unless we are talking about the Eagles

  12. We’re heading to training camp in the morning. As my Steelers are meeting them right off the bat, I’m anxious to see how he does!

  13. Dashportninja

    I’ll give you my e mail address. I would have to see this holiday card with you crapping your pants in front of your boss and his wife. You have to stick to it though. No reverting after 3 games

  14. Please……stop with the work ethic……..most over used phrase in the English language………Most professional athlete’s have a great work ethic. I want to know if he can still produce with a not so good O-line…..once some blitzing LB cleans Meaning’s clock and have him looking out of his ear hole, then tell me about how his work ethic matters in the scheme of things……….Trust me, some unblocked LB will introduce himself to Peyton on a missed blocking assignment and God help the Broncos………….

  15. You guys talk about the o-line like they suck. How many yards Willis get last year? No lineman. An be expected to block for a qb that takesForever to deliver the ball # k.Orton too! Let’s see what these guys can do with a qb that knows where the ball is going before every one else

  16. I’ve said this for the last year – He’s one big hit away from making his HOF acceptance speech in a wheelchair. I would hate to see it but I think it’s almost inevitable.

    With the money he has made I think the fact that he is still playing is extremely selfish – he should think of his family.

  17. “tremendous improvement” … “made great progress” … “done everything possible” ….

    Either this is a smoke screen to keep other teams in the dark about where he really stands, or people should be concerned about Peyton’s long-term health.

  18. why people hating as you know Peyton had neck surgeries so you expect him to have beeb perfect there is always room for improvement and if u didnt know Peyton was consistently the least sacked quarterback in the league so on odds he really wont get hit although you never know. He is one of the greats and it will be shown this season.

  19. Can’t throw deep ball anymore, he will be in trouble with fading arm in bad weather but hey broncos, keep spinning it

  20. I love all the guys that keep talking about how Peyton is ONE HIT AWAY FROM……..

    Bunch of arm chair QBs who think they know more than a team of medical specialists who say he is fine to play… Let’s not forget that he also got physicals from the Cards, Titans, and Niners medicals staffs and passed them all…

    You guys that keep saying he is “one hit away” are just hoping that if you say it enough times that it will come true.. why? because you’re scared……

  21. dasportsninja says:
    Jul 25, 2012 9:21 PM
    If Peyton Manning plays more than 4 games this season, I will crap my pants at my work Christmas party in front of my boss and his wife.


    Pics or it didn’t happen.

  22. Peyton does’t get hit much because of his work ethic in the film room. He ia able to read alot of defenses and adjusts to them. The Bronco’s have a pretty good line as Kyle Orten was near the top last year in passing yards before being demoted and sent packing as he is not a winner. The Broncos defense is outstanding and will always keep them in the game and with Manning in there with his ability and leadership. I predict they win it all within three years. If not dasportsninja will crap his pants at his work Christmas party in front of his boss and his wife.

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