Joseph Addai dumped by the Patriots

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The Patriots made their signings of tight end Visanthe Shiancoe and defensive end Tim Bulman official on Wednesday afternoon and they slipped another previously unreported transaction into the press release.

Running back Joseph Addai has been giving his walking papers before the team officially starts training camp on Thursday. The longtime Colt signed with the Patriots in May, but obviously didn’t show them enough over the course of the offseason to earn an invitation to show them something more over the summer.

The move solidifies Stevan Ridley at the top of the running back depth chart in New England with fellow 2011 draft pick Shane Vereen, Danny Woodhead and undrafted rookie Brandon Bolden also currently on the roster. It was thought that Addai could fill a role similar to the one Kevin Faulk — who, incidentally, still hasn’t officially retired — played in recent seasons, but Shalise Manza Young of the Boston Globe reported that Addai looked “unimpressive” during spring work and the Patriots brain trust seems to agree with that assessment.

You have to wonder if Addai will get too many looks now that he’s back on the open market. The obvious team that comes to mind is Denver where Lance Ball, the uninspiring Knowshon Moreno and rookie Ronnie Hillman are behind Willis McGahee. Outside of Addai’s relationship with Peyton Manning, though, there’s nothing about Addai that makes him an obviously better choice than any of those guys.

Addai has played just 20 games over the last two seasons and his production was nowhere near what it was earlier in his career. Other available backs have been healthier and more productive, which might mean Addai has to wait for an injury to open up a spot he’s capable of filling.

13 responses to “Joseph Addai dumped by the Patriots

  1. Soon to join him will be Visanthe Shiancoe.

    Why the hell do all of free agents join teams that already have crowded depth charts???

    Did David Garrard go to Chicago, Minnesota, seattle, or anyplace else with the crowded QB depth chart???

    You will never get playing time in New England unless you’re pretty damn good!!!

    If you are a free agent do not join the Pats unless you can play defense!!! Their defense stinks and they need all the help that they can get!!!

  2. End of the line for Addai, sadly. He’s just not a good player anymore, and hasn’t been for a few years.

  3. So, it appears that Brandon Bolden will join Ridley, Woodhead and Vereen as the four running backs likely to make the Patriots’ 53-man roster. I wish him the best and hope he’ll exceed expectations as a complementary back in New England.

  4. This is a good sign that the young backs are progressing well, perhaps even brandon bolden

  5. I actually thought NE might have been a good fit for Addai. He’s used to operating in a complicated offense run by a smart, demanding QB who’s going to require him to pass block more often than he actually runs. I hope he gets picked up somewhere else, but I worry that other teams will dismiss a guy like Addai, figuring (and maybe correctly) that being part of the Colts’ pass-intensive, “we only run when absolutely necessary” offense made him look better than he would on a team that expects more of its RBs.

  6. @ rajbais

    Why did Addai think he had a chance with the Patriots?

    Look at their RB depth. Recognize any names? (not that it means anything with the Patriots. They dont have big name RBs but they usually have a great running game.)

    Even if he knows it’s an uphill battle it’s better for him to showcase himself on a team where Ds are focused on the QB rather than the RB

    Even if he didn’t make the team he likely hoped to showcase his ongoing ability on the Patriots in the hopes
    of latching on with another team.

    Unfortunately it didn’t work out that way for him

  7. Bring Kevin Faulk back to coach the young guys. Brandon Bolden looks like he could be a plesant suprise.

  8. Bringing Kevin Faulk back in a coaching capacity would eliminate the need for a Fred Taylor-Sammy Morris type to mentor the talented but young backs on the roster.

  9. I’d like to see Bolden make the roster as a lot of people are comparing him to Law Firm, just faster and more explosive…He’ll be at the bottom of the chart behind Ridley, Vereen (who I’m really high on and I think will wind up starting if he can stay healthy), and Woodhead…Probably gonna be a practice squad guy this year but could be an impact player down the line

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